dr Hilary jones

Dr Hilary Jones angers GMB viewers with coronavirus third wave warning

He said now isn't the time for 'complacency'

Dr Hilary Jones came under fire from Good Morning Britain viewers today (April 14) after he warned there could be a third wave of coronavirus.

The TV GP made the comments speaking to Kate Garraway and Adil Ray on GMB this morning.

He warned that, with the country opening up, it’s most definitely not time for “complacency”.

dr Hilary on GMB
GMB viewers weren’t best pleased with comments made by Dr Hilary Jones today (Credit: ITV)

What did Dr Hilary Jones say?

He said: “We are seeing coronavirus in younger people – and there are 1.1 million people with long COVID.

“The pandemic is global, it’s going to last for a long time, we’re going to be living with it. Vaccination is not the sole answer.

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“A lot of scientific experts are saying that while vaccination has been fantastic, lockdown has been equally fantastic in bringing down the rates.

“There are some parts of the country where rates are still high and rising, so there’s no time for complacency,” he said.

dr Hilary on GMB
Hilary offered viewers a ‘virtual hug’ (Credit: ITV)

How did GMB viewers react to his comments?

GMB viewers have coined a rather unflattering nickname for Dr Hilary as a result of his comments.

Many fans of the show tweeted calling Dr Hilary “Doctor Doom”.

They said they thought he’d be happy if lockdown lasted “forever”.

Don’t expect any hope for the future or positivity with @DrHilaryJones around,” said one.

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They added: “To sum up – new variants, vaccines not being the answer after all and lockdowns are great. More like Dr Doom.

‘Remove social distancing at your peril’ seriously…… why use language like that! You are such a fear monger Dr Doom!!

“God forbid people have a glimmer of something to look forward to,” they added.

Doctor Doom ramping it up again #GMB,” tweeted another.

Dr Hillary basically wants a permanent lockdown, forever social distancing!!” declared another.

“‘Remove social distancing at your peril’ seriously…… why use language like that! You are such a fear monger Dr Doom!!!” said another.

“Dr Doom telling us we’re all going to be plagued by waves of coronavirus at every opportunity,” another added.

What else did viewers say?

Some were so riled by the “scaremongering” that they said they wanted Dr Hilary “banned from TV”.

Dr Doom is at it again. GET RID OF HIM,” demanded one disgruntled viewer.

“I think Dr Hilary Jones should be banned from TV,” said another.

Others also took exception to Hilary offering a “virtual hug” on today’s show.

Wow a virtual hug from Dr Doom advocating no human contact. Take your virtual hug and shove it up your virtual [bleep],” they said.

Dr Hilary Jones on GMB: ‘Great advice’

Some agreed with Hilary, though.

Commenting on Twitter, one viewer said: “It’s never going to disappear. Just get people jabbed. Get boosters in winter like flu jab and let people live again.”

Another loved his virtual hug.

Thank you @DrHilaryJones for the big hug. We all need a big hug and when we get back to normal it will be lovely to give our loved ones a big hug,” they said.

“Always full of great advice,” said a third.

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