Dr Hilary forced to ‘fix his own tooth’ during lockdown

He became a DIY dentist when he couldn't find an open surgery

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Doctor Hilary Jones revealed he had to resort to fixing his broken tooth after failing to find an open dentist’s surgery during lockdown.

The TV doctor found himself in need of dental assistance when one of his crowns fell out but had to turn DIY dentist instead.

Dr Hilary Jones
Dr Hilary Jones revealed he had to fix a tooth himself during lockdown (Credit: ITV)

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Dr Hilary was discussing the latest dentistry updates on Good Morning Britain when he made the revelation.

There are fears cases of mouth cancer could rise due to people avoiding visiting dental surgeries as tehy worry about catching coronavirus.

However, Dr Hilary revealed he tried to find an open surgery to help with his predicament.

He had to fix his tooth himself after finding the relevant ‘materials’ online.

What did Dr Hilary say?

“I had a problem with a tooth and I had to do a do-it-yourself little jobby on a molar at the back there,” Dr Hilary explained.

Susanna Reid looked horrified at the revelation, asking Dr Hilary what he had to do.

Dr Hilary, Susanne and Piers
Dr Hilary explained he had to stick a crown back in himself (Credit: ITV)

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“I stuck it back in,” Dr Hilary replied, grinning.

A shocked Piers Morgan exclaimed: “You did what?!”

Dr Hilary went on: “I stuck a crown back in. Really, you can get materials online and you follow the instructions.”

Susanna didn’t like the sound of having to resort to DIY dentistry saying the thought of it ‘made her teeth itch’.

What should you do if you need to see a dentist?

At the moment the majority of dentists are closed with patients advised to call NHS 111 in an emergency only.

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They will then be advised where the nearest emergency surgery is.

Routine check-ups and appointments are cancelled but many dentists will offer advice over the phone.

There is also advice available on the NHS website about what to do if you have a dental problem.

You should only go to A&E if you’ve suffered a serious injury to the face, mouth or teeth or are bleeding heavily.

On-air clash

Last week, Dr Hilary and Piers Morgan were forced to address an on-air clash, which left viewers thinking the presenting pair had fallen out.

The move came after Dr Hilary and Piers had an explosive debate over the number of tests being carried out by the government.

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