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Dr Alex George urges students to protect their mental health after the tragic loss of his brother

The Love Island star lost his brother in July

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Dr Alex George has urged students heading to university for the first time this month to make sure they keep their mental health in check following the tragic death of his youngest brother.

The former Love Island star, who said last week he felt “tremendous guilt” about his sibling Llyr’s death in July, said the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more important than ever for youngsters to offer support to one another.

In a bid to help those who may find themselves struggling with anxiety and depression Dr Alex has teamed up with Scape to offer help first-hand to students moving into new accommodations for the first time.

Dr Alex George on Lorraine
Dr Alex George is taking part in a new mental health campaign (Credit: ITV)

What did Dr Alex George say?

“I’m passionate about supporting young people and providing sensible advice for supporting university students,” the star told Entertainment Daily!.

“It’s natural to be anxious when you go to university. Those nerves are good. But obviously at the moment with Covid people are worried and anxious.”

“Be really open minded about meeting people. One thing I learned from Love Island is that you can find connections with the people you least expect.”

“But make sure to look after your general health too, as that helps your mental health. Make sure to sleep and exercise, and you have to ask for help if you’re struggling,” he insisted.

Dr Alex urged students to focus on their mental health (Credit: SplashNews.com)

The doctor-turned-reality star also reminded students of the importance of relying on those closest to them, especially if they’re forced to self-isolate.

“FaceTime your friends and family at home whenever you can,” he added.

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Dr Alex’s first interview since losing his brother

The ITV star appeared on Lorraine last week to open up about the tragic loss of his brother for the first time.

During the heart-wrenching interview, Dr Alex told the presenter that he had been asking himself what he could have done differently to change what had happened.

He said: “I am a doctor, I’m an older brother, I always wanted to protect and look after him. What could I have done differently?

“I’m supposed to be a mental health advocate and all the work I’ve done around it.

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“It was anguish, it was the worst thing. I am a doctor, I’m an older brother, I always wanted to protect and look after him.”

Alex George on Love Island
Dr Alex said he “wanted to protect” his brother (Credit: YouTube)

He continued: “Just the same way you can have a heart attack and pass away, mental health is just the same.

“It is an illness. That’s why it’s so important we treat it like that and realise it… I wanted to say ‘he’s passed away from mental health’.

“I wanted to be open about that, because there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It is an illness like anything else.”

Scape has teamed up with Dr Alex, a certified A&E doctor, to offer guidance to students that face uncertainty surrounding their wellbeing due to coronavirus.

The star has produced a series of tips and advice to address the main health and wellbeing concerns of students.

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