Don’t Rock The Boat: Jack Fincham’s swipe at James Cracknell has viewers in stitches

The Love Islander was told off by the Olympian

Don’t Rock The Boat viewers were in stitches last night as Jack Fincham had a hilarious response to being told off by James Cracknell.

In the fourth episode of the ITV series, in which two teams of celebs have to row the length of Britain, Jack and his fellow blues had the former Olympian on their team.

James Cracknell helped Jack Fincham and the blues on Don’t Rock The Boat (Credit: ITV)

Why was James Cracknell on Don’t Rock The Boat?

They won his help after a victory in one of the land challenges, and with a sizable gap between their rowing time and that of the red team, they knew they needed it.

Jack, as viewers will have seen in previous episodes, struggles to concentrate on the rowing.

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And in last night’s (Thursday, November 6) episode, the Love Island winner was overjoyed to see seals swimming near their boat.

Some seals near the boat distracted Love Islander Jack (Credit: ITV)

However, James told him off and ordered him to keep rowing. Jack soon got to switch out and lie down in the cabin for a rest – where he cheekily had a go at the Olympian behind his back.

Literally PMSL when he said about chucking James overboard. So funny, just love him.

Jack fumed, quietly enough so that James wouldn’t hear: “Who took the jam out of your doughnut, James?

“He’s lucky I didn’t chuck him overboard.”

Jack had a good moan about James Cracknell behind his back (Credit: ITV)

What did ITV viewers say about Jack Fincham?

And on Twitter, viewers were in stitches. One said: “@jack_charlesf is hilarious on #DontRockTheBoat. Literally PMSL when he said about chucking James overboard. So funny, just love him.”

Another tweeted: “@jack_charlesf on #dontrocktheboat, bloody love him! Who took the jam out of your doughnut? Love it!”

A third put: “Actually feel sorry for @jack_charlesf on #dontrocktheboat. He’s just trying to have a laugh and everyone is far too serious on his team.”

Someone else said, with laughing emojis: “‘Who took the jam out of your doughnut, James?'”

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A fifth tweeted: “I’m still laughing at Jack saying who took the jam out his doughnut.”

“Jack is hilarious,” said a sixth viewer.

Don’t Rock The Boat concludes tonight (Friday, November 6) at 9pm on ITV

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