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Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly on Channel 5: The 5 naughtiest dog breeds in the UK

Get to know these cheeky pooches!

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Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly is a hilarious series on Channel 5 but do you know the naughtiest dog breeds in the UK?

It follows top dog trainer Graeme Hall as he helps dog owners across the UK tame their naughty dogs.

But which dogs breeds are the absolute naughtiest?

According to a recent study by GoodMove, these are the naughtiest five dog breeds in the UK:

1. Labrador

Labradors have long been one of the most popular dog breeds in Britain. And they are particularly popular with families.

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Fun, playful and fiercely loyal – they can also be rather naughty.

labrador dogs behaving badly
Labs may look sweet, but they can be a handful! (Credit: Unsplash)

However, this is often due to their high energy levels.

If not taken for regular walks they’ll likely get frustrated – and may act out by becoming destructive around the house.

2. Border Collie

Border collies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds out there. And like with Labradors, if left unattended, they are very prone to getting up to no good.

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border collie dogs behaving very badly
Border Collies are bred to be working dogs (Credit: Unsplash)

Collies have been bred to be working dogs. So if not used as a farm dog, they’ll need several hours of exercise a day. They also greatly benefit from agility training.

If you’re looking for a lap dog or city living pup – best avoid this breed. But if you have hours to dedicate a day to exercising your pooch and live in the country, a Border Collie can be a wonderfully fun and devoted dog to own.

3. Beagle

Beagles are of the hound dog family. Which means they are natural hunters and sniffers – and can be difficult to control once they get a whiff of anything that peaks their interest!

beagle naughty dog
Beagles can be rather cheeky (Credit: Unsplash)

Because of this they need very firm training, including having a good recall. Otherwise they could make a run for it as soon as they get wind of an enticing smell.

Beagles also need lots of exercise, and they’re also a pack dog – so are best homed with other canines. But personality wise they can be very sweet and uber playful.

4. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels were originally bred to hunt and retrieve woodcock birds. This makes them naturally playful and a lover of the outdoors.

But they’re also very smart, and require plenty of attention – or they’re very likely to misbehave!

cocker spaniel
Cocker Spaniels are very intelligent and a tad boisterous (Credit: Unsplash)

However, given enough exercise and attention, they are very sweet-natured and can make excellent family pets.

5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffy’s have had a bad reputation in the past. They’ve gotten a bad name for aggression.

However, they aren’t naturally aggressive dogs, but are sadly often trained to act so as illegal ‘fighting dogs’.

staffordshire bull terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terriers can be strong-willed but also very sweet (Credit: Unsplash)

In fact, typically they are very affectionate, and often referred to by their owners as ‘big softies.’

But given their strong physical strength and terrier intelligence, they still need a firm hand.

Thorough training is definitely required with this breed, as otherwise their stubborn side could definitely get the better of their owners.

When is Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly on?

Series three of Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly starts on Channel 5 on Tuesday, January at 8pm.

Prior episodes are available to stream on My5.

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