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Does this moment of affection prove all is well in Strictly couple’s marriage?

Things are looking up for pair plagued by rumours

Strictly Come Dancing’s Karen and Kevin Clifton gave fans a glimmer of hope at the end of Saturday night’s final when it appeared there was a moment of affection that passed between them.

Earlier in the evening viewers had been complaining on social media that the couple weren’t dancing together in any of the group dances.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted this moment of affection between Karen and Kevin Clifton (Credit: BBC)

The same thing happened the pervious week when Kevin had been dancing with Janette, and not his wife, Karen.

Fan’s were heartbroken to see Kevin dancing with Janette again (Credit: BBC)

Usually if a professional dance couple are married, it is Strictly tradition for them to dance together in group dances.

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Karen and Kevin failed to dance together in Saturday night’s Strictly final (Credit: BBC)

Throughout Saturday night’s show, viewers were on Twitter complaining about the Cliftons’ distance from one another…

But despite both Karen and Kevin seemingly keeping their distance from one another on Saturday night’s show, there was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment between the pair that has given fans hope that all is well in the Clifton household.

As everyone celebrated Joe McFadden and Katya Jones winning the 2017 final, everyone’s attention was naturally on the jubilant pair.

Joe and Katya were crowned winners of Strictly Come Dancing 2017 (Credit: BBC)

But on the outskirts of the group of dancing co-stars, Karen could be seen putting an arm around her husband and giving him a beaming smile.

As the camera panned around the dance floor, the cameraman caught a moment of closeness between the couple – with them both unaware that they were the focus of the shot for a split second.

Andy Barnes /
Karen and Kevin have been married for two years (Credit: Andy Barnes /

Cynics have claimed this moment was just an attempt to put an end to rumours about their apparently turbulent marriage once and for all.

Or maybe that Karen just got caught up in the excitement of the evening…

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But with the couple reportedly vowing to work on their marriage, maybe this could just be the proof fans need that they are indeed still together.

If, of course, anything actually happened in the first place… neither of them has ever said anything about the rumours, so who knows what’s really going on?