Does Celebrity Big Brother have a pant thief on the loose?

Is there a knicker nicker in the house?

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Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother could well have a knicker thief on the loose, according to one of its housemates who has had some of her underwear going missing.

Journalist Rachel Johnson wrote in her column for the Daily Mail, that after putting five pairs of knickers in the wash, only one pair came back.

Rachel Johnson CBB Celebrity Big Brother (Credit: Channel 5)
Rachel Johnson on CBB (Credit:: Channel 5)

Which begs the question, where on earth are they and just who has them?

She wrote: “Who stole my toothpaste? And will my knickers – I put five in the wash and only one pair came back – ever re-emerge?”

The 52-year-old also revealed how hard it has been in the CBB house since she started just over two weeks ago.

Channel 5
“I can’t get no sleep” (Credit: Channel 5)

She told of no lock on the toilet door, trying to sleep with the lights on and how the housemates are not allowed to sleep during the day.

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She said: “Cameras follow my every move, microphones pick up every whispered word. The only places without cameras are the toilets, and those don’t lock.”

But to spare any embarrassment, the daughter of I’m a Celebrity star Stanley Johnson, admitted she’s found a way to help with accidental door openings…

“I have introduced a system whereby housemates cry ‘Woo-hoo’ as they approach to try to secure a little privacy.”

With her girls Ashley and Jess (Credit: Channel 5)

She went on: “Worst of all is the appalling sleep deprivation. The lights in the dormitories stay on until the last person has come to bed, and most nights that means dawn.”

“We are zombies on autopilot.”

“As soon as I’ve fallen into bed with an eye mask on, ear plugs in, over-the counter sleep aids thoroughly swallowed and a pillow over my head, the loudspeaker will boom into life.”

“‘This is Big Brother. Will Rachel come to the diary room.'”

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Even worse the lack of sleep cannot be caught up on due to sneaky Big Brother.

rachel Johnson (Credit: Channel 5)
Doing her best Boris impression (Credit: Channel 5)

“And you can’t catch up in the daytime. If I even so much as close my eyes, Big Brother takes to the tannoy once more: ‘Housemates are reminded they are not allowed to sleep during the day.’”

“A day, let me remind you, can last until five in the morning.”

But the mum of three admitted that she doesn’t want to leave just yet:

She said: “The truth is, none of us really wants to go because however cream-crackered, we’re addicted to the action in here.”

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