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Sunday 15th December 2019

Viewers slam Eat Well For Less for featuring 'stupid' family who spend £22,000 a year on food

Angella and Douglas racked up an eye-watering weekly bill of £430

Eat Well For Less viewers were left fuming last night when the show focused on the Gambling family from Ealing, West London.

Douglas and Angella, parents to five-year-old Eden and Erica, three, even left hosts Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin in shock when they revealed they spent a whopping £430 a week on food.

In fact, the family were declared the biggest spenders ever on the show, which attempts to lower the bills of an average household.

The Gambling family angered Eat Well For Less viewers (Credit: BBC)

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But those watching from home slammed the show for featuring the family, and begged programme makers to focus on families who really need their help.

The self-confessed "foodies" described how they bought their food from several local shops around west London, and always insisted on buying the best quality produce - including a £15 box of salt.

The couple also subscribed to a pre-measured ingredient box service and often indulged in takeaways - sometimes from different restaurants in one evening - and restaurant meals.

Instead of real fruit, they gave their children blended fruit in pouches.

Angella and Douglas had extremely frivolous spending habits (Credit: BBC)

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Company director Douglas, 43, and Angella, 42, were soon shown the error of their ways as Gregg and Chris helped them cook their own meals from scratch with more affordable ingredients.

Why are these people on Eat Well For Less? They're rich and stupid. Why not help real people who struggle to cook well?

The pair were shocked to hear they could save an incredible £1,178.84 a year if they stopped buying takeaway coffees every day.

Viewers couldn't believe the family spent more than £22,000 a year on food, and described the pair as 'rich and stupid'.

Gregg and Chris helped the family make sensible swaps (Credit: BBC)

One Twitter user seethed: "Why are these people on Eat Well For Less? They're rich and stupid. Why not help real people who struggle to cook well and just buy crap?"

Another said: "So in 2019, when families rely on food banks and struggle to put food on the table, Eat Well For Less focus on helping a family with an endless income so they can be financially secure when their very young children eventually go to university. Give @BootstrapCook a show pleeeeease!"

A third added: "I want to see a family who only have £10 per week, per person, on Eat Well For Less. That's for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If they're spending over a £1,000 a month on their shopping alone, they don't need help."

"I try not to insult members of the public who appear on TV," said one more. "But they spend £22,000 on food a YEAR?!?! Some people don't even EARN that much a year!!! [Bleep]."

Another angry viewer cried: "Watching Eat Well For Less is filling me with such rage. How happy everyone looks that two wealthy, ridiculously indulgent people are clapping because Asda pesto tastes the same as expensive pesto.

"Teach the people on the breadline where to save - they need it more!"

After Gregg and Chris' intervention, the couple were told they could save £12,000 by following the advice given to them.

ED! have contacted the BBC for comment.

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