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Viewers claim Channel 4 has ruined 24 Hours in A&E with ‘ridiculous’ and ‘idiotic’ back stories

They want the show to focus on accidents and treatments

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Fans of 24 Hours in A&E have accused Channel 4 of ‘ruining’ the documentary series by focussing too much on the back stories of the patients and their families.

The programme often tells truly heartbreaking stories of people rushed into hospital with serious illnesses and critical injuries.

In addition to hearing about their time in hospital and the heroic efforts of the NHS staff, viewers are also typically given an insight into the patients’ personal lives and struggles.

Hannah on 24 Hours in A&E
Some viewers think the programme spends too much time on the patients’ back stories (Credit: Channel 4)

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During last night’s episode, doctors rushed to administer a life-saving drug when a 75-year-old man was brought into A&E after a suspected stroke.

Elsewhere, a mum of two was in hospital after falling from a horse, while medics assessed a six-year-old girl for a possible neck injury following a playground accident.

On Twitter, disgruntled viewers have slammed Channel 4 for ruining the show and begged bosses to switch it up by focussing more on the medical journeys rather than the back stories.

Isabella on 24 Hours in A&E
Viewers are begging bosses to focus more on the accidents and treatments (Credit: Channel 4)

One said: “@Channel4, you need to sort out #24hrsAE. Bored to tears with the back stories. I’ve been warning you for some time and now I’m done. You’ve ruined it. I’m done.”

Another wrote: “Adverts and back stories, adverts and back stories… blink and you’ll miss the actual medicine… what a shame, this was a real favourite of mine… #24HrsAE.”

A third tweeted: “Look… @Channel4 I’m going to sling in my two penneth worth here and say… please cut down on the back stories… it deflects from the programme #24hrsAE.”

Someone else commented: “Seriously @Channel4 what’s the point in these back stories? Nobody wants them, they serve no purpose. Just stop it!”

A fifth put: “These back stories are getting ridiculous. It’s turning what was a great programme into something which should be shown on Pick, now they’ve finally worn out their Border Force tape. #24hrsae.”

“@Channel4 in the next series can you please please please stop with these back stories,” wrote a sixth, adding: “Just keep it simple with how the accident/incident happened, what the fantastic staff at hospital are going to do, and that’s it. #24hrsAE.”

Another said: “I’m sure this programme used to be much better and focus more on the medical issues and medical staff’s decisions. Now, too much about patients’ relatives and their back stories.”

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ED! has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

Last week, 24 Hours in A&E had viewers in tears as a teenager was rushed in for emergency brain surgery after knocking his head on the floor.

It made for emotional viewing as the boy, 16, burst out crying over fears he wouldn’t wake up from the operation.

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