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Thursday 20th June 2019

Shut In viewers livid as 26-stone mum-of-two Emily is "fat-shamed" by her dad

The father was branded a "nightmare"

Shut Ins: Britain's Fattest People continued last night with the "emotional" story of a 26-stone mum-of-two called Emily.

The final episode of the compelling documentary series aired on Wednesday (23 January) and introduced viewers to 24-year-old Emily, who had completely lost control of her eating habits.

Emily at 26 stone (Credit: Channel 4)

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At the beginning of the episode, Emily weighed 26 stone and was seen consulting a top bariatric surgeon about having life-changing surgery.

She also sought the services of a behavioural psychologist in a bid to understand what was driving her compulsive behaviour, which included binging on huge breakfasts, takeaways and snacks.

But some viewers didn't need a professional to point out what they believed to be the root of the problem, saying Emily's "nightmare" dad Steve was to blame!

Emily's dad angered viewers (Credit: Channel 4)

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Emily's dad has no understanding, empathy or anything for what his daughter is going through.

Many fans felt deep sympathy for the young lady as she described how she went to bed "not knowing if she'd wake up" and how shocked she'd been when she discovered her body consisted of more than 50 per cent of fat.

But they were quick to judge her dad, who they accused of "fat-shaming" his super morbidly obese daughter.

During one conversation with her dad Steve and mum Toni, Emily described how she'd fallen off the diet wagon by eating a large Chinese takeaway with chips.

Emily's parents used a tough love approach (Credit: Channel 4)

Playing the tough love card, her dad told her "no more takeaways" and chastised her saying: "You can't carry on like that."

As Emily broke down in tears, viewers expressed their anger on Twitter.

One said: "If Emily's father fat shames her one more time I'm going to flip. Eurgh! 'What did you do to deserve this?' SHE IS NOT A DOG AND DOESN'T NEED TO HAVE ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING TO DESERVE A TREAT YOU THICKO. Jeeeesussssss!!!"

Another said: "The dad is a nightmare! Poor Emily. I would be supporting her by paying to see a therapist to talk to and support her. There is always an emotional cause. #ShutIns."

A third said: "Emily's dad is a [bleep]. 'My little girl's in there somewhere'. She's still your daughter, why not be gentle and supportive instead of patronising? #shutins."

"Emily's Dad is going about it the wrong way. Exercise like that could kill her. Surprised she didn't keel over. #Shutins #Britainsfattestpeople," said another.

Her father came under criticism when he encouraged her to run 5k, which many believed would be too much for her frame not long after surgery.

Emily as she is now (Credit: Channel 4)

One viewer felt the father should have taken action sooner, though...

After weight loss surgery, Emily went on to lose four stone and complete a 5k run just 10 weeks after the operation.

Channel 4 viewers rushed to congratulate Emily and wish her well, with many hoping to get an update of her story some time in the future.

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