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Sunday 16th February 2020

Fans feared for Piers Morgan during Confessions Of A Serial Killer interview

The presenter was sat within striking distance of killer Bernard Giles

Piers Morgan must get death threats every day, but the threat could have become a reality as he stared into the eyes of a real murderer.

On Thursday night, the Good Morning Britain presenter interviewed Bernard Giles on ITV's Confessions Of A Serial Killer.

And Piers' fans feared for his life as they believed he'd put himself in grave danger... and could even have been stabbed.

When Piers met serial killer Bernard Giles (Credit: ITV)

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Bernard is serving a life sentence for the murder of five young women, all of whom he picked up as they hitchhiked near his Florida home town of Titusville.

After his killing spree in 1973, he was thankfully caught and imprisoned - where he has been for 45 years and counting.

Agreeing to meet Piers, he explained what compelled him to take another person's life, saying: "It's like you can see the atoms vibrating."

Piers shook the hand of the serial killer (Credit: ITV)

How come Bernard was allowed a pen in his pocket? Surely he could stab and kill with it?

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As well as visiting some of the killer's haunts and talking to residents of Titusville, Piers consulted professionals in an attempt to analyse the mind of a cold-blooded murderer.

But it was the eerie interview between Piers and Bernard that left viewers chilled to the bone.

Several feared for Piers' life as he sat opposite the "unbelievably dangerous person".

One wrote: "@piersmorgan chilling, interesting and fascination interview! How could you sit that close to him?"

Another was concerned that there were no security guards in the room, and others noticed Bernard had a pen in his pocket which he could have used as a weapon.

Taking to Twitter to discuss the episode, Piers wrote to his 6.53million followers: "Just watching this back again now is giving me the chills. A terrifying man #ConfessionsOfASerialKiller."

Several people replied to his message asking him questions, with one typing: "Are you alone with just him and the camera guys? No guards?"

To which Piers reassured him, saying: "Heavily armed guards were outside the room."

Another said: "How come Bernard was allowed a pen in his pocket? Surely he could stab and kill with it?"

Piers answered: "I only noticed it on him when we'd finished. Rather unnerving!"

In continued exchanges with his followers, Piers called the experience a "challenging couple of hours" and admitted Bernard's "demeanour was very scary".

Fans found the show "gripping", mostly due to Bernard's unnerving politeness, despite his violent deeds, and the fact he showed no remorse or empathy for what he had done.

Killer Bernard, now 65, avoided the death penalty by agreeing to confess to all five murders, but he will die in Brevard County high security prison in Florida.

His victims were all hitchhikers whom he picked up and drove at gunpoint to remote orange groves where he sexually abused and shot them.

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