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Friday 23rd August 2019

Critical Condition viewers in shock after sword attack leaves man with 'partially severed head'

Doctors didn't think he would survive

Critical Condition viewers were shocked last night when the Channel 5 documentary aired horrific scenes of doctors rushing to save a man attacked with a samurai sword.

Father-of-three David, 27, had his head partially severed in an unprovoked attack on the street in October.

Doctors didn't think he would make it (Credit: Channel 5)

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On Wednesday night's (April 3rd) episode, doctors gasped when they saw the full extent of David's intracranial bleed on the scans.

His head and neck injuries were so horrific, experts were sure he would not survive.

Hope they got the person or persons that did this.

David's mum, Teresa, was shown in tears at his bedside, having rushed to the hospital from Orkney after hearing about about the attack from police.

She said: "We were told just take it minute by minute. With the severity of his injuries we were told he shouldn't have lived."

David's head was partially severed (Credit: Channel 5)

Viewers took to Twitter to express their shock at seeing such harrowing scenes.

One wrote: "They have nearly cut the top of his head off. How do you treat or fix that massive amount of damage?! Hope they got the person or persons that did this, slashing someone in the head like that! They defo set out to kill him. His poor family."

Another said: "Kin'ell, nearly slicing half his head off. I hope the culprits were apprehended."

A third commented: "Jeezzz his head was nearly severed..."

Someone else tweeted: "How is this guy still alive?"

In a conversation with The Mirror, Teresa called for an end to the knife crime epidemic currently gripping Britain and insisted the horrifying CCTV footage of her son's attack should be played "on a loop in A&E", as people with less serious maladies would realise then just what doctors are having to deal with.

She continued: "As for knife crime, something has to be done. It's okay for one person to blame another organisation or say its the teacher's fault. The fault lies with no youth clubs, poor mental health facilities, the whole system, everybody being let down."

David's mum, Teresa (Credit: Channel 5)

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Speaking further, Teresa said the first moment David woke up following his ordeal was "amazing" and "shear joy", describing it as "like giving birth again but without the pain".

Incredibly, David has recovered from his injuries, but the brutal attack has left him with lasting physical problems.

David's right arm is paralysed and he has trouble with communication and memory.

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