Kathy Burke

Viewers hail ‘utterly fantastic’ Kathy Burke after ‘brilliant’ Channel 4 doc

They've called her a "national treasure" and "hero"

Channel 4 viewers have heaped praise on a “brilliant” and “amazing” documentary exploring the pressure on women to achieve unobtainable standards of beauty.

The new series, Kathy Burke’s All Woman, sees the comedian and actress speaking to women across the UK about their life experiences.

Kathy Burke
Episode one explored beauty (Credit: Channel 4)

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The first episode of three was about beauty and had Kathy, 55, meet photographer Rankin, grime artist Nadia Rose, reality star Megan Barton-Hanson and others.

Kathy said, of modern beauty standards: “I just don’t understand what has happened to the world. I just think it’s appalling. And oh my god, I’m just really [bleeping] glad I don’t have kids. I am so glad, more than ever in my life, that in this day and age I don’t have children.

“I would just hate it if I had a daughter who was 20 and looked like me. Can you imagine the abuse she would get?”

Kathy Burke
Kathy met photographer Rankin (Credit: Channel 4)

When she met Megan, the Love Island 2018 contestant spoke about the £40,000 worth of cosmetic procedures she’s had to make her look the way she does today.

Megan admitted she doesn’t want other girls to have “unrealistic expectations like I did”, but when Kathy asked how she can reassure her followers that the important thing is being beautiful on the inside, the star isn’t able to answer.

Megan Barton-Hanson
Megan has spent an estimated £40,000 on cosmetic procedures (Credit: Channel 4)

Kathy also met Laura, a 20-year-old woman preparing to get breast implants at a clinic where customers can set up a payment plan if they can’t afford the surgery up front.

She tells the comedian, as they browse through social media pics on her phone: “You can never sort of win on a level of confidence. You just want to be as perfect as possible, whatever it takes. [The boob job op is] a bit scary, but I think it’s going to make me happy.”

When Kathy asks her what will happen if it doesn’t, Laura replies: “I really can’t imagine what I’ll do.”

On Twitter, viewers rushed to praise Kathy for spearheading such an eye-opening documentary.

One said: “#KathyBurke … #AllWoman …. this programme is brilliant, and a breath of fresh air … just hope the young’uns are watching it :-).”

Another tweeted: “I have loved @KathyBurke for years but after tonight’s #Allwoman I love her even more #kathyburke brilliant insight into being a modern woman.”

A third wrote: “Caught up with @KathyBurke’s #allwoman . Absolutely amazing stuff. Hero.”

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Someone else said: “#allwoman was amazing. Please please please watch it. It’s so full of positivity, and @KathyBurke is incredible.”

“Loved #allwoman bits of it made me think hmm, but most of it made me think, full stop,” wrote a fifth, adding: “Enjoyable and @KathyBurke is a national treasure. I think/hope that the women hating on other women thing is getting less and less.”

– Kathy Burke’s All Woman will continue on Channel 4 next Tuesday (20.08.19) with a look at Motherhood

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