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Ambulance viewers stunned as woman who didn’t know she was pregnant gives birth

She was in Manchester for a Harry Potter convention

Ambulance viewers were in shock last night when a woman found out she was pregnant as she started to give birth.

Episode five of the BBC One documentary series featured Stacey, 25, who was staying at a hotel in Manchester after visiting a Harry Potter convention in the city.

She’d had a pregnancy test earlier that day, having visited the doctors because she didn’t feel well and suffered back pains, but the results were negative.

Ambulance BBC One
She gave birth in the hotel room (Credit: BBC)

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Stacey ended up giving birth at the hotel and her pal called for paramedics, with the call handler advising her: “Make sure the cord is not wrapped around the baby’s neck. Watch the baby closely for three minutes then tie the cord with a string or shoelace.

“Tie the string tightly around the umbilical cord about six inches from the baby, but do not cut it.”

Viewers on Twitter were in shock as the scenes unfolded.

Ambulance BBC One
Stacey had been at a Harry Potter convention (Credit: BBC)

One wrote: “How does a woman not know she’s pregnant?! Imagine the surprise.”

Another said: “Jesus, she didn’t even know she was pregnant. Negative test, as well. I’m so surprised she’s not screaming the hotel down.”

A third tweeted with a shocked-face emoji: “Imagine giving birth and not even knowing you were pregnant.”

Someone else commented: “That girl having a baby and having no idea about being pregnant in #Ambulance is really up there as one of most terrifying things for me.”

A fifth wrote: “Just watching #Ambulance and a girl didn’t even no she was pregnant, she went the bog and a kid popped out! How does that even happen?”

When the ambulance arrived at the hotel, paramedic Jon found Stacey cradling her baby daughter.

The new mum said: “I’ve had like, really bad back pain. The next thing I know I’m pushing and then I can feel like a head on me.”

Ambulance BBC One
She named her daughter Elizabeth (Credit: BBC)

She went on to explain how the newborn landed in the toilet and she had to pull her out.

Jon, who suggested the baby should be named after Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter stories, was worried Stacey had a blood clot and she was rushed to hospital.

Ambulance BBC One
Paramedic Jon looked after the new mum (Credit: BBC)

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En route, Stacey said she would name her daughter Elizabeth.

She suffered postpartum haemorrhage, which is excessive bleeding after giving birth, although the programme revealed she made a full recovery after filming.

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