Doctor Foster fans left outraged by series finale

The ending wasn't what people were expecting

Doctor Foster viewers were left disappointed last night when the show aired it’s final episode – and nothing really happened.

Fans had been expecting at least one death, with Gemma Foster, cheating ex-husband Simon and even their 15-year-old son, Tom, all being speculated as potential goners.

But in the end no one met their maker and it was all very anti-climactic.

There was a tense meal like at the end of the first series (Credit: BBC)

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At the end of last week’s cliffhanger, we’d seen Gemma driving at Simon, but it was revealed in the opening moments of the finale that she swerved to avoid him.

The first half of the episode was spent with lots of Gemma/Simon/Tom confrontations with Simon seemingly losing the last thing he had left – his mind.

After Simon then kidnapped Tom, Gemma found them at the side of a busy road with Simon about to throw himself in front of the cars. She stopped him, and they all went out for a nice family breakfast.

It turned out, she’d stopped him by promising to give him a kit to kill himself nice and quietly in a hotel room.

Gemma managed to stop him jumping in front of a car (Credit: BBC)

After buying him his last meal, Gemma left her ex to it – before suddenly realising she couldn’t let him go through with it and going back to his room to talk him down.

She managed it, only to return to the car and find son Tom had disappeared. He’d left her a voicemail explaining he was going off to start a new life and she’d never see him again.

In a weird move, Gemma then addressed the camera directly saying “What you thought was the fight was merely the warning.”

Fans were not impressed with the whole episode, with one saying they’d “Never been so disappointed in a series finale”, and other called it “a waste of time”.

Many were really disappointed that no one died, as they wanted Simon to get his comeuppance having escaped it at the end of series one.

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Some people did like it though…

The BBC has appeared to confirm there isn’t a third series planned with a tweet reading: “Gone…But never, ever forgotten. Thank you for joining us for #DoctorFoster.”

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