Doctor Foster fans have an outrageous theory about her new boyfriend James

This could spell BIG trouble for GP Gemma

Doctor Foster bedded her son’s hunky teacher James in this week’s episode. But fans have come up with a theory that could live to see her regret their romp…

We all watched the latest tense and thrilling instalment, where Gemma learned that someone has been feeding her ex-husband Simon information about everything she has been up to.

Is Gemma being betrayed by a man – again? (Credit: BBC)

After a tense dinner with her colleague Sian, the doc (played by Suranne Jones) thought she’d found the mole.

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She discovered that Sian and her slimy ex were old friends from university and she admitted she had been passing him details about Gemma and Tom’s life.

But viewers have another theory – and think Doctor Foster’s new man James could be the secret spy.

Simon has shown he is willing to do whatever it takes to get Gemma out of the way – he wants her to leave town for good, and he manipulated Neil into having a drunken one-night stand to ruin his marriage and spoil Gemma’s information-gathering exercise.

Simon’s got an evil plan (Credit: BBC)

And so he might not be averse to recruiting Tom’s teacher James (played by Prasanna Puwanarajah) to bed his ex wife and use their relationship to his advantage.

Fans have been sharing their theories on Twitter since the episode aired, with one saying: “I reckon James is the snake, and telling Simon everything #DoctorFoster.”

Another added: “Suspect there’s more to James than meets the eye. Think he knew full well Gemma was Tom’s mum. What’s his game?”

And a third joked: “#DoctorFoster a teacher with a free morning period does not (I repeat, does not) go for a breakfast sh*g date. He’s more dodgy than the GP.”

Questioning why the teacher would put up with Gemma’s bizarre behaviour, one asked: “Thinking maybe this teacher, James could be Simon’s snoopy spy? Why else would be still be hanging around?”

And someone else – pointing out how inappropriate the relationship is – questioned: “What if James (Gemma’s new man/her son’s teacher/her PATIENT) is also one of Simon’s spies?”

Simon is certainly pulling out all the stops to be evil in this second series. Although some fans argue that Gemma’s outrageous behaviour could be pushing him towards it.

Actor Bertie Carvel said that Simon could end up gaining some viewers’ sympathy as series two continues.

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“The first series was very much seen from Gemma’s perspective, but now Simon has his feet firmly planted more and has worked hard to show himself in a certain way, but that quickly breaks down and it leads to some really dark places,” he told TV Times.

“The idea of what the comeuppance will be for Simon is absolutely a driver this time.

“I can’t believe he is irredeemable though and the theme of forgiveness is very powerful in the second series.”

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