Doctor Foster fans appalled by series of sloppy errors in latest episode

There were a series of blunders in last night's episode

Well, last night’s episode of Doctor Foster certainly got everyone talking – and not just about that scene in the kitchen either.

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It actually turns out there were lots of mysterious goings on in the kitchen that didn’t culminate in rough hate sex on the dining room table.

For starters, everyone was completely baffled by the fact that Gemma is so superhuman, she can whip up an entire meal from scratch in about three minutes.

Gemma ‘cooking’ (Credit: BBC)

What a way to make us mere mortals feel inferior.

In the scene in question, Gemma’s son Tom arrived home after a row with his dad had left him upset. Seeing him head to the fridge, she asked him if he was hungry before starting a meal of chicken, pasta and broccoli.

She’s soon interrupted by Tom’s dad, her nasty ex Simon, who called round to talk to Tom.

The pair got into a discussion about Tom, who’s been suspended from school following a fight with his friend, Max.

While they chat, Gemma does some cookery stuff like boiling a kettle and grating some cheese.

Then the next thing we know, she’s calling Tom down for dinner, literally minutes after she started ‘cooking’. As a doctor, Gemma should surely know about the dangers of eating undercooked chicken.

Delicious! (Credit: BBC)

And even the quick cook pastas take about five minutes. A supper of raw chicken and crunchy pasta it was then. Yum.

Fans flocked to Twitter to point out the gaffe.

One viewer tweeted: “I wish I could make chicken pasta that quick & not kill anyone, let alone have rough sex with them before it’s even gone down.”


Another added: “I must applaud #DrFoster for her culinary skills: pasta, broccoli and chicken in 5 mins by only chopping veg and grating cheese.”


While someone else simply said: “Wow, #DoctorFoster cooks chicken fast”


There was something else in Doctor Foster’s kitchen of delights that got everyone talking and, no, it’s still not what you’re thinking.

This time it was Gemma’s magic fridge.

Gemma headed to the fridge for a bottle of wine and left the door open. A split second later, she checked her phone with the fridge in the background, and it was firmly closed.

One minute it’s open… (Credit: BBC)

Another split second later and it was miraculously open again. All by itself. What was going on? A simple continuity error, or is Gemma wasting her time worrying about Simon when there’s clearly another evil presence in her home?

And ta-da, closed (Credit: BBC)

Once again, everyone headed to Twitter to point out and laugh at the mistake.

One fan tweeted: “Anyone notice the fridge mishap while Gem was on the wine? #DoctorFoster”


Another viewer wondered if it was a magic fridge: ” @BBCOne how did gemmas fridge close then open without her touching it? #DoctorFoster #magic”


And another confused bod asked: “Is the fridge open or not? #DoctorFoster”


Eventually, another scene caught everyone’s attention and this time fans were left baffled and cross about Gemma having sex with Simon – while Tom was upstairs.

The graphic scene caused quite the stir on social media.

Why Gemma, why?? (Credit: BBC)

Many fans wondered why on earth Gemma would even consider sleeping with Simon, who left her for a much younger woman in the first series.

One viewer asked: “I’m really trying to assess WHAT the plan is here. Why has Gemma given herself to the devil? For a quick ten strokes of ‘fun’?”


Another pondered: “Am I watching 50 Shades or Doctor Foster?”


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While another sensibly worried about the hygiene of the whole thing. “I hope she has put some Dettol wipes on those surfaces.”


So do we after all that business with the raw chicken.

Doctor Foster continues next Tuesday on BBC One

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