Doctor Foster caught up in alcohol row after complaints

The BBC drama has come under fire

Doctor Foster has been slammed by campaigners for encouraging “irresponsible” drinking.

The hit drama, which stars Suranne Jones, shows many of the characters knocking back all sorts of alcohol, even though the lead character works in healthcare.

During one scene in series two, Gemma Foster starts gulping down wine from the bottle.

At one point, she also controversially drinks with her son’s 15-year-old friend.

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Her habits have annoyed alcohol awareness campaigners as they think it promotes an unhealthy lifestyle.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, a medical adviser from Drinkaware told The Sun: “I am very sad to see a prime-time drama effectively sending out the message that it’s not possible to enjoy a social situation without alcohol being involved…

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“This sort of portrayal normalises daily drinking, with all the risks this entails.”

Helena Conibear, who is the director of The Alcohol Education Trust also noted the size of the wine glasses as well as drinking on an empty stomach.

“Portraying alcohol as a way to cope with stress and pressure is worrying as is the image of drinking on your own – both these behaviours can lead to problematic patterns of drinking and that one glass turning into two or three,” she said.

Then adding: “The glasses shown are often huge too and could be holding 250ml of wine, that’s a third of a bottle in one glass. As both men and women, we’re advised not to drink more than 14 units a week – one of those glasses would hold three units!”

She also said that it creates a really bad example for teenagers: “A lot of younger teenagers watch Dr Foster and we really need to think about the kind of image we’re portraying of professional adults in positions of responsibility and how they unwind and de-stress.”

Viewers also noticed how much they were all drinking alcohol.

One sarcastic twitter user wrote: “For a doctor, Doctor Foster buys a lot of alcohol. Setting a good example.”

Shocked, another one said: “Gemma why are you drinking wine with your son’s best friend?!”

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With an audience of six million, the show could have an affect on its audience.

The BBC has declined to comment.

Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One for the season finale.

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