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Devastating baby secret to tear Walford couple apart

Can they recover from this?

Kim Hubbard-Fox has been devastated by her recent miscarriage, with husband Vincent supporting her as she grieves.

But Kim’s reaction to their loss is set to drive a wedge between the couple as they try to cope in their own ways.

Kim is desperate to try for another baby as soon as possible, but Vincent thinks it’s too soon and can’t understand why Kim wants to move on so fast.

Kim was devastated when she lost her baby (Credit: BBC)

And not only has Kim become desperate to get pregnant again, she’s also acting strangely and hasn’t even told sister Denise that she’s lost the baby.

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Denise is excited about being an aunt again, unaware of Kim’s heartbreaking secret.

Kim wants to try for another baby immediately (Credit: BBC)

Vincent becomes so concerned by Kim’s odd behaviour and her refusal to tell Denise what’s happened, that he decides he has to put his family first and pulls out of Aidan’s job – giving him one less thing to worry about.

But even without the added complication of Aidan’s job, Vincent starts feeling the strain and he soon loses his temper with poor Kim.

Vincent pulls out of Aidan’s job (Credit: BBC)

The couple do make up – this time – but Vincent’s given more stress when Aidan visits and begs him to reconsider.

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Aidan tries to change Vincent’s mind (Credit: BBC)

Vincent agrees (hmm, we’re not sure that’s the best plan) and then he tells Kim they can try for another baby.

Is Vincent making a mistake (Credit: BBC)

Obviously, Kim’s thrilled but is it what Vincent really wants?

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