Denise Welch and Piers Morgan

Denise Welch rants Piers Morgan should self-isolate for two years amid coronavirus crisis

The TV stars have locked horns on Twitter before

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Denise Welch looks set to reignite her Twitter feud with Piers Morgan after suggesting he self-isolates for TWO YEARS.

Good Morning Britain star Piers is known for being vocal on topical issues and has been sharing his thoughts on the Covid-19 outbreak in recent days, pushing for stricter measures to help stop the spread of the virus.

But it seems Denise, 61, is unimpressed with his stance.

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Her scathing tweet said: “Why doesn’t health expert and harbinger of doom Piers Morgan catch the last flight to LA and self-isolate in his mansion for 2 years.”

Why doesn’t health expert and harbinger of doom Piers Morgan catch the last flight to LA and self-isolate in his mansion for 2 years.

Piers previously warned fans about the coronavirus and said Britain “needs to wake up fast”.

He wrote on Twitter: “Many people on here still seem to have no grasp of how serious this is & how bad it is going to get, very soon.

“Mock, abuse, sneer all you like – but you won’t be in 2-3 weeks when all hell breaks loose. This is not ‘scare-mongering’, it’s a fact. Britain needs to wake up. Fast.”

Following new reports that elderly people may be told to self-isolate for four months, Piers tweeted: “I think it’s appalling we’re not hearing about it in public addresses from the Prime Minister @BorisJohnson.

“Worrying millions of old people like this through anonymous briefings is so wrong.”

It is not the first time the outspoken pair have locked horns.

They fell out last year when Piers, 54, had made some comments suggesting that people nowadays need to toughen up a bit.

Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan and Denise Welch have butted heads before (

Loose Women star Denise queried his opinion on Twitter, saying she was “totally and utterly appalled”.

But Piers snapped straight back, branding Denise a “professional victim”.

They also clashed over Mental Health Awareness Week, after Piers posted  a message on Twitter urging high profile people to talk about their “mental strength, resilience and explaining how they achieve it” as it was more “useful than celebrity self-pitying ‘woe is me’ wallowing”.

Denise, who has been open about her mental health issues in the past, hit back with a post of her own, saying Piers’ words upset her.

“This actually makes me cry,” she said, sharing a screenshot of Piers’ message.

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“To all of us who suffer from debilitating, isolating, crippling depression, let’s just pull ourselves together!”

One fan responded to say Denise should just ignore Piers.

But the TV star responded: “No, I won’t ignore him. If we do, nothing changes. Piers Morgan’s attitude to mental trauma is disgraceful and tormenting.”

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