Debbie McGee has fallen foul of the worst Strictly Come Dancing crime

The secret was out long before the show aired

Strictly Come Dancing’s Debbie McGee made a serious mistake yesterday morning on Radio Berkshire when she accidentally gave away the highly confidential result of last night’s show.

Appearing live on BBC Radio Berkshire, the former ballerina and magician’s assistant (to late husband Paul Daniels) said she was “very sad” to see fellow contestant Reverend Richard Coles leave the show.

The only problem was, the result – from the live show, recorded on Saturday evenings – wasn’t to be revealed until the show broadcast on Sunday evening – a whole 10 hours later.

Realising her massive blunder, Debbie told an impromptu cover up story to hide her mistake:

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“He fell over at one point and had to be treated and everything else…

“So now we’re waiting to see what’s going to happen in the results show tonight.”

Did listeners buy it? No such luck, Debbie – with one Twitter user posting: “Of course the Strictly results wasn’t a *total* shock for anyone who listened to Debbie McGee’s radio show this morning.”

Oh dear! The Church of England priest and television personality, dancing with partner Dianne, was booted off the show last night, after he went head to head chef Simon Rimmer in the dance off – which he lost.

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However, the reverend – who danced in the costume of fictional television character Flash Gordon last night – says he enjoyed his time on the show: “It’s been a joy.

“Every minute of it I’ve enjoyed, even when Dianne was hissing through her teeth ‘feet, frame, feet, frame’…

“It’s been completely joyous. I only forgot to reckon into my strategy that I can’t actually dance!”