Death in Paradise new series

Death in Paradise series 10 viewers HATE new theme music

Ralph Little is back as DI Neville Parker

The new Death in Paradise series divided viewers last night as it returned to screens with a different theme tune.

The BBC crime drama was back on Thursday (January 7) evening with Ralph Little‘s DI Neville Parker once again leading Saint Marie’s investigation team.

As the show got underway, viewers couldn’t help noticing that the theme tune was a bit different.

Ralph Little is back as DI Neville Parker (Credit: Credit: Red Planet / Denis Guyenon / BBC)

What did Death in Paradise viewers say about the theme music?

And not everyone liked the new music, with some claiming it had ‘ruined’ the intro.

“The altered theme tune for #DeathInParadise… just no… WHY?!?!” demanded one.

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“I really wish @deathinparadise hadn’t meddled with the title music,” a second tweeted.

Patrick Robinson played TV presenter Garfield Tourne (Credit: Red Planet / Peter Jonasson / BBC

Similarly, a third put: “The most criminal thing about #DeathInParadise this week is the destruction of the classic theme music.”

“Is that different opening music on #DeathInParadise?!” asked a fourth, adding: “This is a travesty! Who do I complain to?”

I really wish Death In Paradise hadn’t meddled with the title music.

“Wait, what, the music?!” said a fifth, shocked. “Nooo bring back the original! #DeathInParadise.”

BBC viewers ‘so happy’ over new series

Others who didn’t appear to have an issue with the music took to social media to praise the first episode of the new series of Death in Paradise.

One said: “Great to have @deathinparadise back last night @lizbourgine #DeathInParadise.”

Not everyone was happy with the show’s intro music (Credit: Red Planet / Denis Guyenon / BBC)

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Another wrote: “I really did enjoy #DeathInParadise tonight, great to see @Josie_official back as the wonderful Florence. She and @RalfLittle make a brilliant team and it’s lovely to see. I have a feeling this year will a great year of stories. So glad it was renewed for s11/12 already.”

Lastly, someone else tweeted: “So happy it’s back, nothing like a nice murder and some jaunty music to cheer up my January #DeathInParadise.”

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

What happened in Death in Paradise?

In the first episode of the new series, Neville had to figure out who had murdered a TV journalist who was seemingly on the cusp of a big expose.

Her driver found her dead in her swimming pool after hearing screams and a scuffle, however not everything was as it seemed.

As a result of the investigation, the guilty party turned out to be popular Saint Marie TV host Garfield Tourné (Patrick Robinson), who murdered the reporter to prevent her from exposing him as a sexual predator.

Additionally, he had conspired with his daughter to cover it up.

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