Death in Paradise season 10 ep three

Death in Paradise season 10: Jason Manford episode divides viewers as some brand it ‘weak’

But some BBC viewers want to see more of the Northern funnyman

Death in Paradise season 10 continued last night with the much-anticipated episode featuring Jason Manford and Kelvin Fletcher, but it divided viewers at home.

During Thursday (January 21) evening’s episode of the popular BBC detective show, comedian Jason and former Strictly star Kelvin’s characters were in Saint Marie with their partners.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for episode three.

Death in Paradise divided viewers last night (Credit: BBC)

What happened in Death in Paradise season 10 episode three?

In the episode, Danielle (Faye McKeever) and husband Craig (Jason) were on the island with their lottery winner pals Cherry (Laura Aikman) and Gavin (Kelvin).

The couples seemed happy on the surface, however Cherry and Gavin had an explosive row and the next day, Danielle found Cherry dead, after she apparently tumbled off a balcony.

The episode saw Jason Manford’s character become a murder suspect, along with several others (Credit: BBC)

The body then, oddly, disappeared, but turned up again later, caught up in fishing nets out to sea.

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At the end of the episode, detective Neville Parker (Ralf Little) got the bottom of the mystery and found that Cherry had actually faked her own death as a way of getting back at Gavin.

And they revealed that Danielle was actually the one who murdered her after finding out about her dastardly plan.

Faye McKeever’s character was guilty in the end (Credit: BBC)

What did BBC viewers think of it?

On Twitter, a number of those watching at home slammed the episode, with some calling it “rubbish” or comparing it to a “bad school play”.

One said: “Death in Paradise is absolutely awful, who actually enjoys this rubbish, would rather watch a black screen #deathinparadise.”

A second tweeted: “#DeathInParadise I might be the only negative voice but tonight’s episode was so weak it hurt. Must be the pathetic rejigging of the theme tune. Please can we go back to normal service. Thank you.”

Death in Paradise is absolutely awful, who actually enjoys this rubbish?

A third wrote: “Can’t work out of #DeathInParadise is being played straight. It’s like watching a really bad school play.”

BBC viewers call it ‘best of the series’

However, some loved it and called for more Jason Manford on their screens. Some even thought it was the best episode of the series so far.

“Possibly the best @deathinparadise episode ever?” said one. “Loved the story and great twist! #deathinparadise #favouriteshow.”

Some viewers loved having Jason Manford in Death in Paradise (Credit: BBC)

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Another wrote: “Loved watching tonight’s #DeathInParadise. My favourite episode of the series. Knew @JasonManford ‘s character wouldn’t be the killer.”

Someone else said: “Just watched @JasonManford in #DeathInParadise, my favourite man in my favourite show!”

“Can we have more Jason Manford episodes, I love it,” asked a fourth.

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