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Deadwater Fell viewers left with mixed feelings about “no twist” ending

Was it more chilling as a result?

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Fans that have been stuck to their seats on a Friday night for Channel 4 drama Deadwater Fell have been left with mixed feelings at the finale.

Viewers watching for the final ‘whodunnit?’ moment were disappointed when David Tennant’s character Tom was revealed as the killer all along.

In a series of flashback scenes, Tom was seen injecting his family with insulin and then himself, as well as setting the house on fire and intending for himself to die with his family.

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deadwater fell kate anna madeley
Kate was murdered by her abusive husband (Credit: Channel 4)

Yet Tom, the suspected killer from episode two onwards, was revealed as the killer and viewers of the show were not sure what to make of the big reveal – or lack of it.

WHAT that was such a disappointing ending to #DeadwaterFell leaving it open for another series???

Others stepped forward in favour of this ‘non-twist’ as it shone a light on abusive and coercive relationships, and how Kate and Tom were hiding under the illusion of their perfect marriage.

One viewer summed up the series, saying: “The twist in #DeadwaterFell is that there is no twist. The person we thought it was all along was the person who did it.

“Yet like everyone in the drama we ummed and ahhed over all the other options instead of listening to – and believing – the woman who was being abused.”

deadwater fell finale revealed tom as the killer
Tom intended to wipe out his entire family (Credit: Channel 4)

Many shared this view, praising the series for showing the reality of the darker side of relationships that feature abuse and control.

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