Is Deadly Illusions on Netflix worth watching? Kristin Davis heads the cast

Sex and the City actress stars in the thriller

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Netflix has added Deadly Illusions to its line-up of films, but is it worth a watch?

The steamy thriller, starring Sex and the City’s Kristin Davis, arrived on the streaming platform on Thursday (March 18).

And it’s already a popular telly choice with UK viewers, as it’s climbing its way up the top 10.

But is it worth a watch? Let’s take a look at what the critics and viewers are saying about it.

Kristin Davis plays author Mary Morrison (Credit: IMDB / YouTube / Netflix)

What is Deadly Illusions about?

Deadly Illusions centres on happily married couple Mary (Kristin) and Tom Morrison (Dermot Mulroney).

Mary is a successful murder-mystery author who, upon returning to writing after some time off, hires a nanny, Grace (Greer Grammer), to help with her children.

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She appears to be the perfect babysitter, until reality and fiction start to merge as Mary imagines a steamy narrative between herself and Grace.

Greer Grammer as babysitter Grace (Credit: IMDB / YouTube / Netflix)

Deadly Illusions reviews: What are critics saying about it?

The film has a rating of just 4 out of 10 on the website IMDB.

Lisa Kennedy, writing for Variety, praised the fact that the main characters “kept [viewers] guessing”.

However, she criticised the writing. Lisa said: “Too bad the screenplay doesn’t maneuver those tensions better. Somewhere coursing beneath this film is either a brilliant dark comedy or a knowing, unnerving riff about the power dynamics of two women, wary and drawn to each other.”

On a similar but perhaps more positive note, Elle‘s review called it “so bad it’s good”.

An unconvincing mishmash of psychodrama and erotic thriller.

It read: “It’s so stupid that it turns on its head and becomes entertaining. The plot is thin at best and definitely confusing, but it’s creepy and enjoyable for a rainy weekend film.”

John Serba, writing for Decider, likened it to Basic Instinct but branded it “lukewarm”.

He said: “Deadly Illusions is a Basic Instinct-y thriller that has all manner of sex-and-skin moments that, in this post-50 Shades era, are tame as a pet bunny on sedatives. It’s all very lukewarm and faux-dirty.

“The movie is very much a connect-the-dots paint-by-numbers fill-in-the-blank thriller.”

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In The La Times, meanwhile, reviewer Gary Goldstein called the film a “jumbled mess”.

He said: “[Deadly Illusions is] an unconvincing mishmash of psychodrama and erotic thriller filled with silly plot holes, obvious dialogue, and risibly bad actions and reactions.”

Gary also said the movie “fully flies off the rails” towards the end, in a “flurry of poorly staged and edited violence”.

Dermot Mulroney as Deadly Illusions’ Tom Morrison (Credit: IMDB / YouTube / Netflix)

What are Netflix viewers saying about Deadly Illusions?

Viewers so far don’t appear to be too keen on Deadly Illusions.

On Twitter, a number have expressed confusion over the plot. Some have even called it the worst film they have ever seen.

One said: “Uh what a waste of time watching #DeadlyIllusions, I CRINGED.”

A second tweeted: “The worst movie ever, wtf #DeadlyIllusions.”

A third asked: “Can you turn off a movie with only nine mins remaining? This is… terrible.”

“#DeadlyIllusions is the most weirdest film I’ve ever watched, honestly,” said a fourth.

Someone else tweeted: “This is literally the worst movie that has ever been made #DeadlyIllusions.”

One confused viewer asked: “Can SOMEONE explain to me what the plot of #DeadlyIllusions was on Netflix? Your girl is LOST.”

– Deadly Illusions is available to watch now on Netflix

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