The Chase’s Mark Labbett branded “savage” by viewers after swipe at contestant


Mark Labbett must have got out of bed on the wrong side yesterday, as his comments were even more brutal than usual.

The Chase star, 53, shocked the contestants, the viewers and even the usually unruffled host Bradley Walsh with his “savage” remarks.

Mark was really enjoying himself at Simon’s expense (Credit: ITV)

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Simon, Tracy, Marilyn and Tom all appeared on the show on Wednesday (May 8) with hopes of beating the chaser and leaving with thousands of pounds.

And it was 30-year-old Simon who stood up first to face Mark – aka The Beast.

After admitting he was an aspiring entertainer who had much admiration for Bradley’s career, Simon revealed he would spend his winnings on a KitchenAid – but, alas, Mark made sure that didn’t happen.

Simon suffered a humiliating takedown at the hands of The Beast (Credit: ITV)

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The Beast lived up to his name when he offered Simon a measly £300 after winning a disappointing £3,000 in the cash builder round.

Mark looked like the cat who had slurped all the cream when he was able to insult both Bradley AND Simon in the same swipe.

He said: “So you’re an actor, presenter and comedian who can’t quiz. Great, there’s two of them now!”

As Bradley admitted it was “true”, Simon defended the host saying: “Brad’s my hero.”

Bradley took the insult on the chin (Credit: ITV)

But Mark had plenty more to say when he gave Simon the frankly insulting offer of £300.

He said: “You really should take it because you are THAT bad.”


He then added: “Tell the cooks to get my food on, this isn’t going to take long.”

Did Mark have a sprinkling of venom with his breakfast that morning?

Harsh but fair? Or just harsh? (Credit: ITV)

Viewers watching from home agreed that Mark was being particularly fierce on that day.

One simply tweeted: “Mark is savage #TheChase.”

Another said: “Ooohh @MarkLabbett is coming out all guns blazing tonight, and I LOVE IT!!!! #thechase.”

Others believed Simon and the team deserved the abuse for being “terrible”.

Still, at least they got their 15 minutes of fame.

The chaser beat all the contestant in their money building rounds, so then Tom was chosen to present the team in one final attempt to win £4,000.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, they lost.

It was obviously a lose/lose kind of day.

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