David Platt finally confesses he was raped

After weeks of turmoil his secret is out in Coronation Street

Corrie fans have watched David Platt suffer in silence since he was cruelly drugged and raped by his so-called friend Josh Tucker back in March.

David and Shona reunite after he finally confides in her about the rape (Credit: ITV)

But as the news about Aidan Connor rocks the Street, it has an emotional impact on David Platt, who finally reveals his secret torment to Shona Ramsey.

When Maria Connor tells David about Aidan’s suicide, it really hits home with David who has been self-harming and even had his own suicidal thoughts since his ordeal with Josh.

He’s due in court over his attack on Gary Windass at the charity boxing match, but when Imran drives him to court, he jumps out of the car and runs off.

David flees from his hearing about his attack on Gary (Credit: ITV)

Shona eventually finds him sitting alone in the urban garden and he finally tells her the truth about what happened that night.

As he opens up and reveals the full horror to Shona, she tries to convince David to go to the police.

He’s still adamant that he won’t so she suggests he sees a counsellor instead, but David doesn’t want anyone to know as he feels he couldn’t cope with the shame.

They head back to the Platts hand in hand but David’s relief is short-lived as the police arrive and arrest him for failing to turn up at court.

He’s bundled into the police car looking terrified and Shona confronts Josh, telling him she knows he’s a rapist.

Josh lies and makes out that he and David had consensual sex which infuriates Shona and she tells him she will make sure he goes down for rape.

Shona tells Josh that she knows what he did (Credit: ITV)

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Shona then pays David’s current ‘girlfriend’ salon apprentice Emma a visit and tells her she needs to get herself booked in for an STI test.

She also tells her she’d be best off forgetting about David.

Has Josh finally been rumbled?

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