I'm a celebrity david

David Ginola leaves viewers swooning as he takes on the I’m A Celebrity Castle Coin Challenge

The French accent does it for them every time!

David Ginola and Louise Minchin took part in tonight’s Castle Coin Challenge on I’m A Celebrity – and didn’t they do well!

Viewers watched as the pair competed to find apples to feed the Lords’ ponies.

Much like the celebs, the ponies were hungry.

However, all viewers could concentrate on was hunky David – especially when he started conversing in French!

I'm a celebrity david
Louise wasn’t the only one swooning as David took on the I’m A Celebrity Castle Coin Challenge (Credit: ITV)

What happened with David and Louise on I’m A Celebrity?

To feed them the ponies the pair had to find red apples in a crate, and it’s fair to save the French footballer was much better at the trial than the former BBC Breakfast host.

The challenge was full of banter, with David telling Louise after the trial: “You stink!”

“So do you,” she said back.

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“I know,” he chuckled.

He also uttered his infamous L’Oréal catchphrase during the challenge.

“Because I’m worth it,” he joked. “Look at me now! Look at the offers I’ve got. Digging in some sort of [bleep].”

The pair then began speaking to each other in French as they continued the challenge.

And it’s this that left the former footballer’s admirers at home drooling.

What did viewers say about the I’m A Celebrity Castle Coin Challenge?

Twitter went into a frenzy during the challenge, especially when David started speaking French.

“David speaking French,” said one drooling fan.

Another asked: “Do I fancy David Ginola and is it normal to fancy David Ginola?”

A third said: “Totally and absolutely being sexist but dear god David Ginola!”

David’s talking dirty and talking French ….. I’m in! PHWOAR!” said a fourth.

I'm a celebrity david
The pair had to rummage in rotting fruit and veg for red apples (Credit: ITV)

So did they win?

They did indeed!

The team had the choice of Twiglets or apple pie and chose the latter.

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David said: “I think apple pie, everyone will love it.”

However, there was a worry he was about to pull an Iain Lee and Amir Khan at the end of the challenge.

After winning four small pies David threatened to run off with them and scoff them himself!

“David was about to do an Amir Khan,” laughed one viewer.

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