Lady Leshurr

Dancing on Ice contestant Lady Leshurr: Who is she and why is she famous?

British rapper Lady Leshurr appeared on Celebrity MasterChef this year

Lady Leshurr has joined Dancing on Ice for the next series, set to start early next year.

The ITV skating show welcomes the British rapper to their all-star line up of 2021.

Denise van Outen, Myleene Klass and Jason Donovan are also among the celebrities taking part.

Lady Leshurr Performs At Manchester Pride
British grime and hip hop rapper Lady Leshurr has joined Dancing on Ice (Credit: Aaron Parfitt /

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Who is Lady Leshurr?

Lady Leshurr was born Melesha O’Garroo in Solihull.

She changed her name to become a successful UK grime and hip hop artist.

Lady Leshurr, 30, is one of the UK’s best rappers and producers.

The sassy wordsmith is best known for her Queen’s Speech series of freestyles, the videos for which have racked up hundreds of millions of views.

Leshurr is a semi-regular guest host on Channel 4’s The Steph McGovern Show and is the new face of Oil of Olay.

She appeared on Celebrity MasterChef this year, and made it to the quarter-finals.

The singer is one of the celebrities appearing on the 2021 series of Dancing on Ice.

Lady Leshurr Dancing on Ice
Lady Leshurr swaps singing for skating on Dancing on Ice (Credit: ITV)

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Is Lady Leshurr a rapper?

Lady Leshurr is an award-winning rapper.

She started her career early. At six, she started writing poetry, because she wanted to express herself in some way and realised that rapping was her calling.

She told The Guardian: “I grew up in a very strict family. My father was very strict, very violent.

“That was the push to try and express myself in another way. I couldn’t really express myself to him or anybody else.”

She reveals she was very shy, and always looked down: “I’d never have any eye contact with people, so I put all that into poetry, writing down my frustration, what I felt and what I’d seen, or stuff written from my mum’s view, as if I was my mother.”

Lady Leshurr began to rap and produce tracks and released her first mix tape at the age of 14.

She left CDs on the bus on her way to school, handed them out to strangers and left them on park benches, because she had no way to promote herself.

Lady Leshurr Celebrity Masterchef (Credit: BBC)
Lady Leshurr braved the Celebrity Masterchef kitchen this year (Credit: BBC)

Is Lady Leshurr big in the US?

Leshurr caught the eye of Atlantic Records in the USA after she racked up 100,000 views with a parody of the Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes track Look At Me Now.

She got offered a big budget record deal.

Lady Leshurr turned to the offer down, however, admitting they were offering her a deal that didn’t interest her.

She says: “They flew me out and we had a conversation, but they were going to pit me against Nicki Minaj.

“It was like: ‘She’s the biggest female MC and you need to take her down’, and I wasn’t feeling that at all.”

She adds: “I cried on the plane home, because I thought I’d made a mistake and my mum needed the money.

“But I know by now I would probably have been dropped and my career would have been ruined.”

Was Lady Leshurr homeless?

Lady Leshurr’s life took a dark turn after a supposed ‘friend’ tried to ruin her life and she found herself homeless.

She told The Guardian: “I was going through a lot myself, personally. I was living on couches, living out of bags and boxes, sometimes I wouldn’t even know where I was sleeping the next day.

“Someone completely tried to destroy my career, someone I thought was a friend, who deleted all my social networks. So I had to start again, basically.”

lady leshurr
Lady Leshurr will bring the sass to Dancing on Ice 2021 (Credit: Splash)

Is Lady Leshurr single?

The rapper is pansexual. She came out in 2018 after an ex-girlfriend outed her via tweets. Her response? A diss record.

She told the Gay Times: “The thing is, people actually knew we were going out, it was just never confirmed.

“Initially, I thought I could ignore what she’d tweeted about me and just pretend like nothing had happened and simply carry on doing my music, but then I thought ‘no, I’m gonna actually turn this negative into a positive’.

“I’ve grown so much since then and I learned from that whole situation.”

Is Lady Leshurr the face of Oil of Olay?

Lady Leshurr is Oil of Olay’s first ambassador of colour.

Lady Leshurr smears the moisturiser on her face while larking around her house and rapping in the advert.

She hit back at critics who accused her of selling out.

She posted on Instagram: “Seen certain people saying my Olay Ad ain’t me and I’ve lost my integrity. I’m always myself in everything I do and trust me if I never cared about my integrity I would be sooo much further in my career.”

Dancing on Ice is set to return to our screens on ITV in January 2021

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