Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner plans to give Antony Cotton hard time on show

We wouldn't want to be in his skates after a bad performance...

It hasn’t taken long for Jason Gardiner to slip back into old habits, has it?

The famously acid-tongued judge of Dancing on Ice will be back dispensing advice – and insults – in January when the new series starts.

And it sounds like one contestant is in for a particularly tough time from “Mr. Nasty”.

Coronation Street star and DOI contestant Antony Cotton has known Jason for more than 20 years, with the pair being old pals.

However, that’s not going to do Antony any favours once he gets onto the ice.

At the launch event for the new series, Jason talked about his relationship with Antony and why he can’t expect any special treatment.

Jason said: “I’m going to be harder on him. Absolutely. Because of the fact I’ve known him for 20 years. Nobody gets special dispensation from me.”

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“And he’s cool, he said to me when he was cast, ‘I don’t expect any special treatment.’ And I said ‘You aren’t getting any!’

“In fact, I’m gonna be tougher on him, and I think he knows that. And he’s ready for it, come on. It’s Antony Cotton. He can give as good as he takes, don’t worry.”

Jason has a well-earned reputation for giving contestants both barrels when he feels they’ve not lived up to their full potential.

But he says he’s not planning on toning his attitude down this year, either – which is music to our ears!

He said: “I’m not going in with any predetermined expectation of myself or anything. The way I’ve always approached this show is instinctively, so when I see what happens and what plays out.

“I also know there’s real merit in what I bring to the show, and even though some people might not agree with my methodology, there is a real purpose to it.”

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“Ultimately I know that it provokes them to either to do better, or if they can’t handle the heat – bye bye! It is a competition.

“I want to see people improving, that work hard, can take criticism on board and apply it so they get better. Ultimately that’s what the judging panel is all about.”