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Dancing on Ice: The most horrific injuries in the ITV skating show’s history

Broken bones, hospitalisations and the star who 'nearly died'

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ITV skating show Dancing on Ice is one of the most dangerous shows on the box.

It’s surely rivalled only by Channel 4’s cancelled winter sports show The Jump when it comes to injuries.

This series, the 2022 contestants line-up has been dealt a number of injury blows.

Rachel Stevens pulled out of her first skate after fracturing her wrist, Kye Whyte missed a week due to injury and poor old Connor Ball has suffered a raft of injuries.

But looking at this lot of skaters and stars, it seems the class of 2022 has got off lightly!

dancing on ice itv
Corrie star Antony Cotton was rushed to hospital after his ice injury (Credit: ITV)

Dancing on Ice: The most horrific injuries in the ITV show’s history

Coronation Street star Antony Cotton came a cropper after signing up for the 2018 comeback series of the show.

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He fell badly during rehearsals, crushing his ribs to the point where he was in agony and struggling to breathe.

Antony was rushed to hospital, where doctors discovered he’s fractured “a couple of ribs, front and back”.

Ever the trooper, Antony returned to the ice, insisting that “painkillers and sequins” would see him through.

dancing on ice itv
Denise Van Outen’s injury forced her off the show (Credit: ITV)

Dancing on Ice injuries: Denise Van Oaten is still recovering

Denise recently revealed she is still recovering from a horror fall on last year’s Dancing on Ice.

She fell during rehearsals with pro skater Matt Evers and didn’t go straight to hospital because she didn’t want to burden the NHS.

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It turned out Denise had fractured and partially dislocated her shoulder in three places.

She spent the remainder of her time on the show wearing a sling and performed one more routine before she was instructed by doctors to exit the show early.

“Unfortunately, after the rehearsal I spent 15 hours with my shoulder being dislocated because we didn’t really want to bother the NHS knowing that they’re so overstretched,” she later told the Loose Women.

“It wasn’t until the pain was so unbearable that they advised that I went in to see them and then they put my shoulder back in.

“But then it popped out again and then I skated on it in the most excruciating pain, I cannot tell you.”

dancing on ice itv
Pro skater Yebin was cut so badly you could see the tendon (Credit: ITV)

Yebin Mok stabbed by Graham Bell

It’s not just the celebrities who’ve suffered horror injuries on the show.

Last year pro skater Yebin Mok was ruled out for weeks after being stabbed in the leg by parter Graham Bell’s skate in a horror accident.

Host Phillip Schofield claimed you could “see the tendons” the blade cut so deep.

dancing on ice itv
Brookside star Jennifer Ellison sliced her scalp live on TV (Credit: ITV)

The bloodiest injury on live TV: Jennifer Ellison

Back in 2012 Brookside star Jennifer Ellison had the most gruesome injury ever to be recorded live on the ITV skating show.

While dancing with partner Dan Whiston, Jennifer attempted the daring scorpion kick move.

It saw her arch her back and kick one of her legs behind her.

However, flexible Jen kicked her leg too high and took a chunk out of her scalp.

Somehow she managed to complete her routine, before paramedics rushed to help the star, whose headway by now pouring with blood.

Dan said of the accident: “Her whole hair was just red because obviously the heart’s pumping and a lot of blood’s come out.”

Vanilla hits the Ice Ice Baby

Rapper Vanilla Ice took part in the 2011 series and ended up needing stitches on his face.

He came crashing down on the ice after suffering a nasty fall in training.

He was worried about “brain swelling” in the accident, after the force of the impact left him unconscious.

It turned out that he hit the ground so hard that he actually cracked his eye in the fall.

He was rushed to hospital with concussion and had numerous stitches.

dancing on ice itv
Joe Swash had to have fluid drained from his ear after he was injured (Credit: ITV)

Joe Swash’s ‘cauliflower ear’

He went on to win the series but Joe Swash’s appearance on Dancing on Ice wasn’t without incident.

His ear somehow collided with an ice skate during training and ended up being sent straight to hospital.

There, they drained it of infected fluid and sent Joe on his way with a rather fetching bandage.

“I’ve knocked the ear and it’s like a cauliflower ear, it just got swollen and they had to drain it and cut it a little bit,” Joe explained.

Second time lucky for Keith Chegwin

The late comedian was so excited to take part in the show, but ended up having to pull out on day one after a fall.

Keith was left him a broken shoulder and cracked ribs, but he recovered in time for the following year’s show, when he returned to the ice.

Vanessa Bauer had to ‘rest her brain’

Another pro who had to miss a live show through injury was Vanessa Bauer.

She was partnered with Diversity’s Perri Keily at the time and slammed head-first into the ice rink during rehearsals.

Vanessa later shared a horrific video showing the accident in all its gory glory.

She said: “Although I feel ok I am not allowed to skate this weekend.

“After banging my head into the wall I feel fine but @itv is super cautious and really takes care of us skaters which is why I went through SO many tests.

“For the sake of my health, I have to rest my brain.”

dancing on ice itv
Gemma Collins said she’ll be recovering from Dancing on Ice for the rest of her life (Credit: ITV)

The GC will be recovering from Dancing on Ice ‘for life’

Gemma Collins suffered a dramatic fall – face first – onto the ice in 2019.

She was partnered with Matt Evers and later claimed that she “nearly died” on the show.

Gemma recently revealed: “It’s only recently I’ve been able to touch my knees again. They were very painful. I’ve got a lot of fluid on my knee from Dancing On Ice.”

She added: “I’ll be recovering from Dancing On Ice for the rest of my life. I nearly died on the ice. I nearly smashed my jaw, broke my neck…”

Dancing in Ice is on ITV on Sunday nights.

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