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Dancing on Ice contestant Graham Bell: Who is he and what is he famous for?

The skier is another Olympian joining the ITV skating show

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Graham Bell is one of 12 celebrities risking public humiliation on ITV’s Dancing on Ice next year.

Olympic skier Graham, 54, is no stranger to danger, however, and should feel right at home on the ice.

Graham Bell Gloria Hunniford Cash in the Attic
Graham Bell appeared alongside Gloria Hunniford on BBC show Cash in the Attic (Credit: BBC)

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Who is Graham Bell?

Graham is a five-time Olympian and TV presenter of shows like the BBC’s Ski Sunday.

He is one of the 12 celebrities taking part in Dancing on Ice 2021.

The accomplished skier says he is looking forward to the experience.

He told BBC Breakfast: “Ice doesn’t scare me, it’s the dancing.”

Graham jokes that the only dancing he has ever done is on “tables, wearing ski boots in apres ski. It’s not graceful or elegant”.

He says he’d be happy to get to the final three and to do better than [ski racer] Chemmy Alcott.

Chemmy came fifth when she appeared in 2012.

Graham Bell was part of the BBC's Winter Olympics presenting team
Graham Bell was part of the BBC’s Winter Olympics presenting team (Credit: BBC)

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What TV shows has Graham Bell been on?

Graham has popped up on shows as varied as The Gadget Show, Through The Keyhole, Celebrity Eggheads, Market Kitchen, Ready Steady Cook and Wish You Were Here?

He took part in a death-defying action series called High Altitude, which saw him climbing glaciers and indulging in a spot of speed skiing and skydiving from the Andes to the Alps.

graham bell on doi
Graham Bell in a preview clip for Dancing On Ice 2021 (Credit: ITV)

The skier was left fearing for his life after summit-hopping across the Double Cone mountain on New Zealand’s South Island, with just a harness keeping him from falling 2340 metres.

He told The Daily Record: “My legs were shaking like Elvis’. It was the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done. I generally don’t get freaked out by things, but that really did frighten me.”

Graham put The Jump celebrities through training in the UK and Austria for the now-axed C4 show.

Where was Graham Bell born?

Graham was born in January 1966 on the Akrotiri Royal Air Force station in Cyprus.

He fell in love with skiing, when his father moved the family to Edinburgh in Scotland.

His brother Martin also took up the sport and both became very competitive.

Graham Bell Sky Sunday BBC
Graham Bell hosting Sky Sunday on BBC (Credit: BBC)

Is Graham married?

He is married to Sarah and has two children, Louis and Lottie, all of whom are keen skiers.

His family will be supporting him every step of the way during his DOI experience.

Graham says his family are nervous but supportive of him going on Dancing on Ice.

Speaking to ITV, Graham said: “Oh yes. My wife is pretty nervous about it all.

“My daughter is at drama school and she thinks it’s hilarious.

“Her advice was whatever you do don’t be yourself, try and be someone that people will like! I think she was joking.”

Did Graham fall out with his brother Martin?

Graham is super competitive, especially with his brother Martin.

When they competed in the 80s on the British ski team, there were rumours of fierce rivalry between the two of them, sometimes resulting in fist fights.


Did Graham build an indoor ski slope at his own home?

The sportsman posted a video of himself on Instagram taking part in a ski challenge that he had set up in his house.

Graham kicks off the ski run in the attic of his home, swishing down the loft ladder, then flying down two further staircases including one with a spiral at the end!

Rather you than us, Graham!

Who is Graham paired with on Dancing on Ice?

Graham is paired with ice skating pro Yebin Mok. They will debut in week one of Dancing on Ice.

Dancing on Ice returns on Sunday January 17 at 6pm on ITV1.

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