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Dancing on Ice fans turn off as Love Island star Maura Higgins smashes head

It didn't look like it tickled

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Fans of Dancing on Ice were left wincing in pain after watching Love Island star Maura Higgins land on her head during a risky dance move.

The 29-year old brunette suffered the injury while rehearsing a death-defying headbanger.

This move is not only the most dangerous on DOI, but one that is also banned in professional ice skating.

Dancing on Ice Maura Higgins
Maura is injured during headbanger move (Credit: ITV)

It involves one partner hurling the other around by their ankles in an up and downward motion, with their head coming close to hitting the ice each time.

This might be the last time you see me!

Hardened DOI fans may remember seeing David ‘safe hands’ Seaman infamously drop his partner, Frankie Poultney, on her head while attempting this act.

Since then there haven’t been many celebrity skaters daring to take it on.

Dancing on Ice Maura Higgins
Maura cradles head (Credit: ITV)

But, known for her feisty attitude, Love Island favourite Maura was the first one of this year’s line up to brave it on Sunday’s Dance themed live show.

As she donned her helmet she gave a thumbs up to fellow contestant, Perri Kiely, and said: “This might be the last time you see me.”

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In a rehearsal video aired before the live performance, Maura did in fact smash her head on the ice.

Laying motionless on the ice, Maura cradled her head leaving her partner, Alexander Demetriou worried for her.

Thankfully she was wearing a helmet and did manage to recover quickly.

Dancing on Ice Maura Higgins
Fellow contestant Perri Kiely’s reaction (Credit: ITV)

And, luckily for all concerned the live performance (without a helmet) was drama free and went off without a hitch, but that still didn’t stop viewers at home from tuning in any longer.

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One tweeted: “Don’t think I’ll get over Maura… trying out the head banger and only getting 7.5. It’s a risky [bleep] move, and they were decent routines.”

While another reacted with: “Deserved to be scored much higher for that performance.”

Dancing on Ice Maura Higgins
The couple nailed the move in final performance (Credit: ITV)

Some fans hated the headbanger so much they turned off, with one calling for it be banned from the show.

This fan tweeted: “When anyone attempts the headbanger I can’t watch, I just have visions of their head cracking and blood spilling everywhere #DancingOnIce”

Another added: “Can I just say, I hate the headbanger?! It makes me feel sick and I can’t watch #DancingOnIce.”

“I don’t like to watch the headbanger so I switch channels,” wrote one more.

While this sensible viewer simply stated: “I really wish they would put a ban on the headbanger , gives me so much anxiety just thinking about it, couldn’t even watch the pro’s do it earlier. #DancingOnIce”

“Ban the bloody headbanger,” said someone else.

Another said: “I’ve always detested the pointless inclusion of the headbanger, banned by the International Skating Union for a reason. It’s a waste when there could be better content.”

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