Cruel Corrie fans mock Aidan Connor’s middle name

Apparently it didn't meet their approval

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The things soap fans pick up on when they are watching one of the most dramatic plots in years reach its climax!

As Maria arrived at Eva and Aidan’s wedding day after vowing to stay away, it was clear some right old schizzle was about to go down.

Trouble brewing as Maria arrives (Credit: ITV)

But some viewers were distracted from the fireworks about to explode when Aidan’s middle name was revealed on the venue’s welcome board.

Apparently it was the source of amusement for some.

Why? Well, because it’s Finbar.

The reveal (Credit: ITV)

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Now, anyone with an ounce of Irish blood coursing through their veins won’t find this remotely amusing, or odd, or worthy of ridicule.

But some ignorant – apparently – English viewers seemed to find it hilarious…

One sniper told Twitter: “No way is Aidan’s middle name Finbar… Of all the names in the world, they choose Finbar… Jesus Christ.”

Another said: “Let’s appreciate Aidan’s middle name is FINBAR.”

At least Eva didn’t laugh… (Credit: ITV)

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A third wrote: “Aidan FINBAR Connor – Good Grief How did he get a name like that?…..oh wait, I know – the idiot #corrie scriptwriters obvs.”

Yet another said: “What is Aidan’s middle name? Finbar? What even is that?”

And still the comments came, with another snorting: “Aidan Finbar Connor? Wasn’t Finbar that big giant. Is that a funny way of implying Aidan has put on some weight? #Corrie”

Finbar, fact fans, has actually been a popular name in Ireland since the sixth century, when St Finbar arrived in Cork, to an area being tormented by a serpent.

It means “fair-headed”.

The English version of the name is Barry.

We think it’s a rather lovely name, especially when shortened to Finn.

Minxing in mind (Credit: ITV)

Anyway, Aidan had much more to worry about than what anyone thought of his middle name, as Maria stormed the wedding and dropped the bombshell that Eva lied about her pregnancy.

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