Countryfile: Ellie Harrison tears up as co-star saves baby lambs

BBC viewers praised the presenter for her bravery

Countryfile viewers watched in horror as presenter Ellie Harrison broke down in tears.

Ellie, 43, and her co-star, Adam Henson, found themselves desperately trying to save newborn lambs.

The lambing special was bound to be emotional, but Ellie found herself on quite the emotional rollercoaster.

Ellie couldn’t hide her emotions (Credit: BBC)

Things get emotional on Countryfile

Ellie and Adam helped to deliver one of the lambs after it became stuck.

Adam had to reach inside and push a lamb back inside the womb so another could come out.

Things then got even worse when the mother appeared to reject her baby.

Thankfully, Adam managed to come to the rescue and he helped the mother bond with the little lamb.

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Ellie began crying, saying: “Oh my god, I feel really choked by that. It was just so stressful.

“The thought that she would nearly make it then almost not. Oh my gosh.

“Oh my goodness. I can’t believe you managed to do that. Oh my word. What a relief!”

“I’m not sure I was [any help]…sobbing in the corner! That was so stressful. I’m laughing now but I was crying a second ago,” she added.

Viewers praised Ellie and Adam (Credit: BBC)

What did viewers say?

Viewers rushed to social media to compliment the pair on their actions.

“I love the lambing special. So emotional and satisfying watching lambs being born #countryfile,” said one fan.

“Just switched over to #countryfile. God heart in mouth as they tried to get two lambs in the wrong position out, held my breath as they tried to get the first lamb to breathe. Great job from them both, that poor presenter!” tweeted another. 

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A third added: “That was an amazing episode of #countryfile. Adam literally pushed one lamb back into the womb, so that he could untangle its legs from its twin.

“Ellie was ‘helping’ but was crying with emotion watching Adam. They both did brilliantly. Both lambs saved. I don’t eat lamb btw!”

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