Piers Morgan and Anne Robinson on Uncensored

Anne Robinson scolds Piers Morgan for behaviour during Uncensored interview

Anne wasn't standing for it!

Countdown star Anne Robinson scolded Piers Morgan for his behaviour during their Uncensored interview last night (Thursday, May 19).

The 77-year-old wasn’t impressed with Piers’ interrupting her while she was speaking during yesterday’s show.

Anne Robinson scolds Piers Morgan

Last night saw Piers welcome Anne onto his new TalkTV primetime show – Piers Morgan Uncensored.

During the interview, Anne and Piers discussed a number of topics, including Meghan Markle, Countdown, and trans rights.

It was during the discussion on trans rights that Anne took a moment to scold 57-year-old Piers.

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Anne’s irritated interruption came during Piers’ rant about trans tennis players.

“Are you interviewing me or am I interviewing you?” a bemused Anne asked. “Because you’re doing all the talking.”

Anne Robinson on Piers Morgan Uncensored
Countdown star Anne Robinson scolded Piers Morgan on the show (Credit: TalkTV / YouTube)

Anne Robinson and Piers Morgan

Piers immediately saw the funny side and burst into laughter – drawing a smile from Anne.

“Can I just say something?!” she snapped.

“Say something!” Piers urged, still laughing.

“Right! Honestly!” Anne jokingly moaned. “I’ve only got fifteen minutes.”

Anne then went on to give her opinion on the subject, before saying “now I can be cancelled”.

This drew even more laughter from Piers.

Piers Morgan looking bemused on Uncensored
Piers saw the funny side (Credit: TalkTV / YouTube)

Countdown news

The Piers Morgan Uncensored account posted a clip of Anne’s scolding on Twitter – and unsurprisingly, Piers didn’t get much sympathy from his followers.

“Hahaha yes Anne!” one viewer wrote.

“Piers doesn’t like to let anyone talk if he can get away with it. Brave man trying that [bleep] with Anne,” another said.

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Mrs. Robinson, you have proven you can handle & shut #piersmorgan up to be heard,” a third applauded. 

Other viewers simply couldn’t care less, with many mocking Piers and the show for having the same debates.

Same old talking points on this show every night,” one viewer said. 

“Groundbreaking interview right there said no one ever!” another tweeted.

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