Jeff and Charley say they love working together on the soap (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale star says Debbie Dingle could KILL her dad Cain

Charley Webb thinks Debbie could take terrible revenge for Joe's death

Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle is struggling to deal with the guilt of killing his daughter Debbie’s fiance, Joe Tate.

The only thing that’s keeping him going is his belief that Joe never really loved Debbie and he’d jilted her at the altar.

In last night’s episode, though, wife Moira discovered that Joe was on his way back to Debbie when he died – and she’s keeping the awful truth from Cain.

Of course, what neither Moira nor Cain know is that Joe was alive when Graham bundled his body into the car. Viewers – and Graham – saw his finger twitch. So Cain wasn’t the one to finish off Mr Tate at all – it was Graham.

Joe Tate and Graham Foster
Graham let Cain think he’d killed Joe (Credit: ITV)

None of that helps with Cain’s guilt, however. And it’s also not going to make Debbie feel any better when she discovers what her old man’s been up to with the man she loves.

Poor Debbie still thinks Joe callously walked out on her on their wedding day and now Charley Webb, who plays the unlucky mum, has said she will NOT be happy when she finds out the truth.

Joe and Debbie were supposed to be getting married when he disappeared (Credit: ITV)

“Joe just went on their wedding day. He’s out there, and she wants answers,” Charley told TV Times.

And she added that Debbie doesn’t have a clue that her dad is involved in Joe’s disappearance.

“She thinks Cain is behaving a bit oddly but she doesn’t think the two things are linked,” Charley said. “This is a low point in her life and I’m not sure things could get any worse.”

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So what would Debbie do – or rather what WILL she do (because we all know, nothing stays secret for long in Soapland!) – when she finds out?

“I think Debbie would be most angry that Cain let her believe Joe walked out on her,” Charley said. “I don’t know if she’d forgive him. She might kill him!”

With Cain feeling dreadful about the whole thing, Moira trying to stop him feeling even worse, and Graham holding all the cards, things are definitely looking bleak for the Dingles.

Moira knows everything (Credit: ITV)

Add in Debbie waiting to go on trial for ordering the acid attack on Ross Barton, and Sarah’s heart transplant, and it’s a big old mess just waiting to explode.

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And we can’t wait to see what happens when it does!

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