Corrie’s ‘Tina’ now turns up in Cold Feet too

Fans were confused this week by apparent return of Street fave!

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She got social media in a right frenzy (not hard to do, to be fair) when she turned up in Corrie last week looking exactly like Michelle Keegan.

And then just as we were confused enough, Saira Choudhry goes and rocks up in the new series of Cold Feet on Friday night too. The bloody cheek! This actress, with all of her acting work!

It’s like Michelle Keegan is MULTIPLYING and as faces to clone, it really wouldn’t be a bad one.

Saira Choudhry Tina-lookalike Cold Feet Credit ITV
Saira played a nurse friend of Pete’s (Credit: ITV)

Saira used to star in Hollyoaks as Anita Roy and has had a recurring role as journo Naila in Corrie too.

Alright, hands off now, Erica (Credit: ITV)

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And when she walked into the Rovers, people were commenting that Tina’s ‘ghost’ had walked in.

In Cold Feet, she turned up as nurse Erica, who Pete spoke to when he was thinking about applying for a job in medicine.

And she got the same ‘MICHELLE?’ reaction.

“It’s the Michelle Keegan lookalike Corrie journalist now turns up in … #ColdFeet” one wrote.

#ColdFeet that nurse sounds just like Michelle Keegan!!” said another.

“Who was that Michelle Keegan lookalike?” asked one more.

Ahhhh flashback (Credit: ITV)

And they kept coming, with someone else posting: “Is that Michelle Keegan in #ColdFeet or does she have yet another clone?!”

But others said it was a but unfair to keep going on about their similarity.

“Don’t think you should be compared to Michelle Keegan… you’re an established actress etc in your own right!” one posted to Saira.

Saira doesn’t seem too bothered though – she even retweeted a post about the comparison.

Cold Feet - ITV
“Is that… TINA FROM CORRIE?” (Credit: ITV)

The new series of Cold Feet was greeted with a load of social media love when it came back on Friday for a seventh series.

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The first run started in 1997 and finished in 2003 but since it came back last year, viewers have adored it. If you haven’t watched it, it’s like the telly equivalent of a massive cuddle with someone who has a hot water bottle under their jumper.

Except for Mark Wright, perhaps, who probably watches it and gets a little bit confused.