Corrie’s Summer is saved by the unlikeliest hero in terrifying kidnap plot

Schoolgirl Summer Spellman is approached by a paedophile on her way home from school - who will save her?

Coronation Street will tackle another difficult storyline, as schoolgirl Summer Spellman is nearly kidnapped by a pervert on the way home from school.

The troubled youngster (played by Matilda Freeman) will be approached by the sicko, who tries to tempt her into his car with on her walk home.

And it is the most unlikely of heroes who comes to her rescue and saves the day.

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Young Summer – who is about to be at the centre of the storyline that will see disgraced actor Bruno Langley make his exit – has already been involved in a drugs plot when she collapsed after smoking spice.

And her prospective adoptive parents Todd Grimshaw and Billy Mayhew will soon be seen battling her homophobic grandmother for custody of the schoolgirl.

That, combined with vicar Billy’s troubles since learning he was responsible for Susan Barlow’s death, leads Todd (Bruno Langley) to take Summer away from Weatherfield just before Christmas.

It’s this storyline that has now been re-written to cover Bruno’s exit from the show.

He was axed in October, following an internal investigation related to claims of sexual assault made against him.

Todd will last be seen running from the law after hitting a police officer following an altercation relating to his foster daughter Summer and her grandmother.

And after he gives the authorities the slip and flees the country, viewers will hear Todd’s on-screen mum Eileen (played by Sue Cleaver) remarking that he’s a “stupid boy.”

“He had everything he ever wanted and now he’s lost it all,” she will add.

The Sunday People claims the scenes were shot the week after Langley appeared at Manchester magistrates court, and they also claim the writers had this case in mind when penning the character’s ending.

Todd’s exit scenes, which may not feature Langley at all, are expected to air in the New Year, with other characters – including his partner Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) – discussing what went wrong.

While Todd will not return to the Street, it’s clear that his foster daughter will.

But it seems Summer’s troubles won’t be over even when she makes it back to Weatherfield.

She is desperately trying to shake off the pervert who is driving alongside her, when Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre) sees what is happening and comes to her rescue.

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The evil builder – who himself has a history of kidnapping, not to mention murder and rape – saves the day, sends the paedo packing, and takes Summer safely back to the Street.

See, he’s not all bad…

Coronation Street is on ITV on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights.