Corrie’s Simon Gregson teases Steve McDonald’s exit storyline


One of Corrie’s best loved stars, Simon Gregson, has spoken out about his alter ego, Steve McDonald, getting involved with Tracy Barlow again – and how it could lead to his exit from the ITV soap.

Speaking to OK! magazine, the actor said: “I might have to ring my agent after this interview and see if I’ve still got a contract with Corrie!

Tracy and Steve enjoy some festive frolics (Credit: ITV)

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“This might be my exit!”

But don’t panic, Si was only joking, referring to the fact that Tracy (Kate Ford) has killed a previous love interest, Charlie Stubbs, who was played by Bill Ward.

Corrie fans will be stunned when Steve and Tracy get up close and very personal in coming episodes, despite their chequered history and (brief) marriage.

Despite having daughter Amy together after a one night stand, Steve and Tracy began a relationship after another hook-up left Trace pregnant with twins.

They’ve got history (Credit: ITV)

Sadly she miscarried the babies, but spitefully she blamed the loss on Steve’s ex-wife and her love rival, Becky McDonald, claiming she pushed her down the stairs.

When Becky discovered the truth, she revealed it to Steve, just after he married Tracy.

Steve was pretty fuming about this, as you can imagine, so it’s little wonder that their daughter, Amy, isn’t keen to see her parents together and will go to some lengths to stop it.

Simon also spoke about Steve’s rather poor history with women, saying he’s been from a ‘loonbag’ to a ‘sociopathic murderer.”

Although Steve and Tracy enjoy their Christmas kisses, Simon doesn’t believe that Steve is totally over Michelle, who he separated from earlier this year.

Simon doesn’t believe Steve is over Michelle (Credit: ITV)

He said: “I don’t think Steve will ever get over Michelle, but he’s resigned to the fact that he’s blown it.”

Viewers have given up hope though, spotting a bond between them when Michelle tackled her psychotic ex, Will.

This bond will be revisited in upcoming episodes as Steve offers to bail Michelle out of her current financial woes.

He said: “Steve and Tracy go out for a meal at Nick’s Bistro and he spends most of the time looking at Michelle, which doesn’t go down too well.

And there’s not even any mistletoe (Credit: ITV)

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“Tracy also finds out that Steve has given Michelle £10,000 so that doesn’t go down well either!”

He may have been joking about Tracy killing Steve off, but he should still approach with caution.

She’s murdered a man for less.