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Corrie’s Oliver Farnworth dishes on Phelan’s epic secret about Andy


Soap is great at a lot of stuff, but keeping secrets? Not so much.

Usually we know exactly what’s going to happen before it happens, and we don’t mind that because we love it – but when we do get a surprise, it’s pretty awesome.

Step forward Friday night’s Corrie.

Andy Carver, Coronation Street (Instagram)
He’s ALIIIIIVVVVEEE (Credit: Instagram)

After nine whole months of making us think that Andy was dead, it turns out he wasn’t even a bit dead – he was just hanging out in Phelan’s basement, growing some really long facial hair.


Good job we like to enjoy that medicinal end of the week calming glass (bottle) of Sauv Blanc on Fridays, otherwise this really could have given us palpitations.

And it sounds like the storyline has taken its toll on Oliver Farnworth, who plays Andy too, according to a video posted on Corrie’s Twitter last night.

“If you’re watching this, you should’ve found out the amazing reveal that Andy isn’t dead but still alive and been resting in Phelan’s basement,” he said.


“We’re just doing the first week of filming, and I’ve decided to do a video diary running up to the big reveal in six weeks’ time.”


Nine months later, he’s been in the flippin’ basement the whole time (Credit: ITV)

He said that getting onto set has been pretty stressful, given the paps hanging around the cobbles, and that he’s had to do the old glasses and cap trick.

“I have to go in and out of set in disguise to avoid the paparazzi, because we don’t want a picture with me and Pat because the surprise will be ruined.”

In the video, Oliver ducks down to hide and describes the telly subterfuge as “terrifying”.

“I felt a bit like a movie star being driven in my own personal car to set every day and come out with sunglasses on and a hood over my head to avoid the paparazzi,” he told the Metro.

Pre-beard/ kidnap (Credit: ITV)

“I thought it was ultimately hilarious and part of the challenge so I accepted that.

“It helped in some ways for the role and mental preparation to be isolated from everyone in that way, at Corrie there is a great green room where everyone relaxes and chats and it adds to the convivial atmosphere that the show creates but because the storyline is so dark and isolated filming away from the normal set has been helpful.”

Oliver also told the Metro that he’d only told a handful of people what was really going on.

Phelan: “That’s it! I’ll show you! Ooh, What’s App notification, wait a sec.” (Credit: ITV)

“I have told a few close friends and family – an inner circle that I would trust with my life but apart from that no one else really knew, even a lot of people at Corrie didn’t know.”

And while the cast might have been shocked, Twitter was even more so with some hilarious posts doing the rounds on Friday.

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One said: “OMG @itvcorrie. #Andyisalive! Watched #Corrie after Midnight, had to stifle my screams so wouldn’t wake my mother.”

Another added: “Oooooh MG! *screams* #corrie #andy he’s alive!! @itvcorrie

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Seriously though, Andy and Steph???

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