Corrie’s Lucy Fallon drops hint about Bethany and Craig romance

Will the teens get together?

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Watching Craig Tinker’s devastation when he was told that Bethany Platt was staying in Milan, broke our hearts.

Although he’s been a complete rock for Gail’s granddaughter, Craig can’t help his feelings for Bethany, even after everything she has been through.

Lucy plays Bethany in the soap (Credit: ITV)

Corrie star Lucy Fallon loves the idea of the duo becoming more than friends but isn’t sure now is the right time for that to happen.

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She told “It would be silly for her storyline to be over. She’s still in turmoil and isn’t going to recover for a while so there’s lots of things happening.”

But although Lucy knows Bethany’s ordeal will always be a part of the character, she also teased that there could well be a romance storyline in the future.

Best friend Craig was a rock for Bethany (Credit: ITV)

“There could be a romance with Craig or they could just be friends still… who knows!”

Ooooh say it could happen Lucy…

“I think they are good as friends, I do like them as friends.”

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“I mean I can see Corrie putting them together because I think that’s quite a popular choice with the fans, but I like them as friends – she needs a good friend like Craig.”

Bethany’s ordeal will stay with her for a long time (Credit: ITV)

Lucy won Best Actress at the Inside Soap Awards earlier this week for her portrayal of Bethany with the gut wrenching abuse story. But will her character stay in Milan forever?

Lucy has posted a picture of her back filming at Corrie, so we’re pretty certain she’ll be returning soon.

Lucy was wearing a wig in the Corrie make up room (Credit: Instagram)

The actress also hit out earlier this week at a fan who left a cruel comment about Lucy’s boyfriend Tom on her Instagram page.

Lucy, 21, had posted a loved up photo of herself and Tom, 26, last week, with the caption: “I am your sweetheart, psychopathic crush.”

Instagram @lucyfallonx
Lucy is smitten with beau Tom (Credit: Instagram @lucyfallonx)

While plenty of fans gushed over the cute couple, one didn’t seem that impressed, and boldly remarked: “Ew I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him. Looks deranged, greasy and really arrogant. You can do so so much better.”


Well, Lucy wasn’t having it and quickly hit back with a response of her own.

The angry soap star said: “I don’t give a flying [bleep] what you think, to be fair. As u weren’t x.”