Corrie’s Kym Marsh tells This Morning how Michelle stalking plot is going to get MUCH darker

It's another case of life imitating art for the actress

Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh has revealed how her stalking ordeal mirrors what her character Michelle Connor is going through on screen at the moment.

Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning on Monday, she told how someone had pretended to be her for 10 years.

On screen at the moment, Michelle is being stalked by her crazy ex, Will Chatterton.

Michelle doesn’t know her unhinged ex is behind her ordeal (Credit: ITV)

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And the actress admitted things are going to get much darker in the plot when Michelle fails to make it to Aidan and Johnny Connor’s double wedding.

She said: “There’s the big wedding week coming up. Both Aidan and Johnny are cousins of Michelle, she’s supposed to be going to their wedding but something happens and she doesn’t end up going.

“She ends up in a situation where she’s with Will on her own with him in his house and she makes a chilling discovery of lots of surveillance-style photographs.”

That sounds very creepy indeed.

Michelle ends up alone with Will (Credit: ITV)

Kym added: “It gets a lot darker, that storyline has got so much more to come – it gets really gripping and scary.”

At the moment Michelle has no idea Will is the one stalking her – especially as he’s supposedly in a relationship with Maria Connor.

The 41-year-old actress also revealed how she had been victim to a stalker herself.

Kym told Holly and Phil about her own stalker nightmare (Credit: ITV)

“I think I’ve said this before, I’ve had a few people make fake accounts of me on different social media sites.

“The strange thing for me was the way I found out about it, I’d had some flowers delivered to me at home from someone saying: ‘Sorry you couldn’t make our date.’

“Long story short, when we delved into it, we found out someone had been pretending to be me for the last ten years.

“They’ve been having conversations with this guy as if they were having some sort of relationship. It was just really strange.”

It sounds it.

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This is the second time this year Kym’s real life has overlapped with her Corrie storylines. Back in January, Michelle lost her baby, Rauiri at 23 weeks, with Kym having lost her little boy, Archie, in similar circumstances.

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