Corrie’s Helen Flanagan takes acting classes after viewers slate her performance

She's been to RADA!

Although she is most definitely part of the Coronation Street furniture, Helen Flanagan has had a pretty tough time of it over the years.

In spite of the fact she is beautiful, viewers have rarely found it in their hearts to compliment her on her thespy skills.

Over the years she has gone from stroppy teenager to saucy vixen, but many viewers have complained that her on-screen performances are “as wooden as a chair leg”.

She’s blossomed from girl to woman on Corrie but fans haven’t been kind about her acting skills (Credit: Instagram)

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Utter nonsense, if you ask us – she has carried some proper dramatic stuff in her time on the soap, and she does comedy brilliantly.

But anyway, she’s just completed a two-week acting course at the swanky acting school RADA.

This is the same school whose former pupils include Roger Moore, Ralph Fiennes, Daniel Mays and Diana Rigg.

Not only that, acting royalty Kenneth Branagh is the president of the school.

So you can see why Helen might think a course there might do her the world of good.

In a post on social media yesterday, the soap vixen posted a picture of herself standing outside the celebrated acting school.

Helen has just completed a two-week acting course (Credit: Instagram)

“Had the most amazing time on my two-week course at RADA. Absolutely loved it,” she wrote on Instagram, smiling broadly in the pic wearing a tight white cut-off vest.

Helen, who returned to the soap last year after five years away, was upset when she took part in a Twitter Q&A and viewers cruelly let her know what they thought of her and her acting skills.

Viewers were particularly mean to Helen in a Corrie Q&A on Twitter during which they told her they thought she couldn’t act (Credit: ITV)

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One nasty so-and-so told her: “Get off the TV. Ur ruining @Coronation_St shocking.”

Another called Rockstonediva asked: “When are you and your bad acting leaving Corrie so I can watch it again???”

A chap called Derek wrote: “They could have employed a chair leg it would have been less wooden.”