Corrie’s Chris Harper drops harrowing details of Bethany Platt’s trial

Teen will be forced to re-live her rape ordeal

Corrie actor Chris Harper, who plays evil groomer Nathan Curtis, has spoken out about his character’s upcoming trial, where Bethany Platt will come face to face with her rapists.

Nathan groomed Bethany for months (Credit: ITV)

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Chris, who is helping charity Barnardo’s on a campaign to help real-life victims of sexual abuse, said that Bethany faces the terrifying prospect of being cross examined and becoming re-traumatised after going over her ordeal again and again.

Nathan and his sick sidekick, disgraced cop Neil Clifton, will make a return to screens in coming weeks as they prepare to face the judge and jury over their twisted actions.

Speaking about the upcoming storyline and the campaign with Barnardo’s Chris said: “For young victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation, achieving justice can mean having to relive their ordeal.

“Just like Bethany, real life victims face going over their abuse time and time again, which can be extremely distressing and lead to them becoming retraumatised.

“We’ve seen how difficult it has been for Bethany to summon up the courage to report Nathan to the police and now she faces cross-examination in court – it’s a terrifying prospect for her.

Bethany believed Nathan was in love with her (Credit: ITV)

“It’s vital that victims and survivors get one-to-one support right the way through their case to help them understand the daunting process and cope with the strain that achieving justice can put on them.”

Barnardo’s has published a report called Journey to Justice, which details how victims of sexual abuse and grooming can feel no one believes them.

The report, which includes interviews with victims of abuse, also highlights how they can feel they’re at fault after aggressive questioning from police.

Corrie boss, Kate Oates, recently revealed that justice for Nathan might not be as simple as getting sent to prison.

Nathan’s friend, Neil, also raped Bethany (Credit: ITV)

At a press day she said: “We’re going to see if Bethany makes it to court.

“It’s a huge deal of a girl her age and position to face not one but several perpetrators and barristers.

“And we still have Mel to consider.

“Nathan has a little friend in Mel, who has had her brain well and truly washed by him and she is very much on the outside and very keen for her to not get to court.

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“The question is – will Nathan ever face justice?”