Corrie wedding shoot thrown into chaos as groom taken ill

On location filming has hit a bit of a hitch

Corrie stars gathering together to film Chesney Brown and Sinead Tinker’s wedding had their schedules thrown out of the water by actor Sam Aston calling in sick.

According to the Manchester Evening News, he was reportedly taken ill and had to be absent from filming.

Other cast members including the bride, Katie McGlynn, and co-stars Brooke Vincent (Sophie Webster) Andy Whyment (Kirk Sutherland) and Colson Smith went on to film other scenes around Sam’s absence.

Sinead proposed to Chesney as he was leaving for Portugal (Credit: ITV)

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The winter weather also didn’t look like it was helping filming as the actors were covered in big puffer jackets to protect them from the cold.

Sinead’s sheer floral gown could be seen poking through the bottom of her coat and her hair was in a big net, with flowers underneath.

But she definitely didn’t have a smile on her face – was that a reaction to the cold or is that exactly how Sinead’s feeling about her impending nuptials?

Ches couldn’t make it to filming his own wedding (Credit: ITV)

Despite Chesney’s absence, one person who was there was Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel Osbourne – and who Sinead can’t help but have feelings for.

Earlier this year she left Chesney for Daniel after falling in love, but a shock pregnancy threw their relationship into turmoil. Especially when Daniel’s dad, Ken Barlow, interfered and caused Sinead to have an abortion.

When Daniel found out what had happened, he pushed his father down the stairs, and after Sinead discovered what he’d done, she ended things and wound up getting back with Chesney. But is she really happy?

Sinead and Daniel are growing close again (Credit: ITV)

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She was the one who proposed to him as he was getting in a car to go to Portugal to collect his son Joseph.

The lad’s mum, Katy Armstrong, was killed in a car accident, so Joseph has come to live with Ches and Sinead. But Sinead’s not coping too well being thrown in at the deep end as full-time stepmum to a grieving youngster.

As she struggles, she’s set to find comfort in Daniel’s arms again and when he moves in for a kiss next week, it’s yet to be seen whether she will stay faithful to Chesney or give in to Daniel’s charms.

Speaking to The Sun Online recently, Rob told them that there was “absolutely a way back [for Sinead and Daniel] because the only reason she isn’t still with Daniel is because when they first got together the drama erupted with the Barlows that she obviously got pulled into.

“Aside from that they had everything going for them.”

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