Corrie viewers worried for Seb after he gets his fingerprints ALL OVER Phelan’s gun

He's got something evil planned

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Coronation Street viewers have voiced their concern for troubled teen Seb Franklin after twisted builder Pat Phelan tricked him into getting his fingerprints all over a gun.

Fans watched in shock as Phelan plied Seb with booze, before telling him to get a box out of the cupboard.

Phelan got Seb drunk (Credit: ITV)

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Seb was expecting to see a posh bottle of whiskey, but was stunned when Phelan showed off the shooter. The murderous villain then lied to Seb about having it to protect his family.

He then encouraged naive Seb to handle the firearm, which is the one he used to kill Vinny Ashford and Andy Carver last year, before disposing of their bodies in a lake by an abandoned mill.

Scheming Phelan then instructed Seb to put the gun in a toolbox instead, ensuring his fingerprints were all over that too.

Earlier Phelan had been furious with Seb and threw him out of his and Eileen’s when he discovered the teen had accepted a job with Phelan’s enemy, Gary Windass.

Seb didn’t realise the gun is a murder weapon (Credit: ITV)

When Seb came back and asked for a second chance, Phelan spotted a chance to pay him back for the betrayal.

And it didn’t go unnoticed by eagle-eyed viewers.

“Omg. Pat just making Seb hold the gun so it looks like he shot andy and vinny! Omg smart but awful!” tweeted one shocked fan.

Another wrote: “So now the gun has got Seb’s fingerprints all over it!”

And a third warned: “Watch out Seb! Phelan’s setting you up!”

Phelan has racked up a catalogue of crimes since arriving on the cobbles back in 2013. First of all he blackmailed Anna Windass into sleeping with him to save her family from financial ruin.

Since then, he’s tried to scam residents out of money for a bogus property development, kidnapped Andy and held him hostage for nine months, framed Anna for pushing Seb from a ladder and killed two men.

His reign of terror isn’t over yet though and in tonight’s double helping mechanic Luke Britton finds himself in trouble as he continues his quest for Andy.

Luke is in danger from the evil builder (Credit: ITV)

After finally getting hold of Andy’s friend Matt and heading to the pub where he works, Luke overhears a conversation between him and Phelan that makes him very suspicious indeed.

Luke confronts Phelan at the mill and the pair end up having a violent altercation.

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Could Luke end up being the builder’s next victim?

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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