Corrie viewers threaten to boycott soap over most controversial ever storyline

They're not best pleased

Coronation Street fans are threatening to stop watching the ITV soap after more details were released about David Platt’s forthcoming rape storyline.

Yesterday pictures were released of newcomer Josh who arrives looking for a job in Weatherfield and soon makes friends with the locals after replacing murdered Luke Britton at the garage.

Credit ITV
Josh is the newcomer at the centre of the controversy (Credit: ITV)

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But while Josh might seem just another charming character, he’s going to be at the centre of one of Corrie’s most controversial storylines when he drugs and rapes David after a night out.

Corrie have already said the episodes won’t feature the attack itself, but will focus more on David’s emotions in the aftermath.

It’s believed David will initially feel ashamed after the rape and unsure if he should report it to the police or not.

The soap has said it’s working closely with charities such as Survivors Manchester to make sure the subject is handled accurately and sensitively.

David will be sexually assaulted later this year (Credit: ITV)

Following yesterday’s update, fans have taken to social media to say that Corrie is going too far with this storyline and will be switching off.

Viewers on our ED! Facebook page even called for the controversial storyline to be scrapped before it even hits our screens.

“Wonder if the Corrie writers will read all these negative comments. Yes we know sadly it goes on in life, but really not on a ‘soap’ early evening viewing…I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS…viewer lost here,” commented one angry fan.

Another agreed saying: “I won’t watch this again.”

A third promised to boycott, adding: “I’m not gonna watch this, I love David.”

While a fourth said: “Nooooooooo scrap this storyline before you finish corrie off altogether.”

And another wrote: “I won’t be watching if this story goes ahead…R.I.P CORRIE you were once a great soap.”

Despite the general negative feeling about the storyline, some fans have actually praised Corrie for tackling the subject and believe Jack P Shepherd who plays David will do a phenomenal job.

“Fantastic actor – love Jack and his one liners!! This storyline will be disturbing yet amazing acted,” gushed one FB user.

“If it raises awareness then good on them,” added another.

Corrie has divided the nation recently featuring storylines that many find too ‘dark’ for the Street.

These have included teenager Bethany Platt being lured into an illegal sex ring and evil builder Pat Phelan going on a one man killing spree across Manchester.

Today former Corrie star Bruce Jones joined the ever growing list of people speaking out against the soap’s new direction.

Bruce, who played Toyah and Leanne’s dad Les Battersby said recent brutal storylines, including Bethany’s horrific sexual exploitation ordeal and Phelan’s gory murder spree, have caused him to turn off.

Bruce played Les Battersby in the soap (Credit: ITV)

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“The shootings and stabbings went too far,” he told SunOnline. “The violence when I was there wasn’t as bad as that.

“I don’t know why it’s gone that way. I can’t watch any more because it’s too violent.”

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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