Corrie viewers spot stalker Will’s major blunder last night

How could someone so calculated be so careless?

Corrie viewers were left stunned after last night’s episode when Michelle Connor finally twigged that her so-called friend, Will Chatterton, has been behind her campaign of terror.

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Will invited ‘Chelle, played by Kym Marsh, back to his posh house for a bite to eat. Still feeling shaken after visiting Robert Preston in prison and returning to find a white rose on her car, she jumped at the chance.

But things soon took a turn for the very sinister when Michelle accidentally happened across a folder chock full of photographs of her, taken without her knowing.

This move could have caused a fire (Credit: ITV)

The penny finally dropped and Mich realised she was in the viper’s lair and that Will was the weirdo who’d been trying to freak her out.

But fans quickly spotted that things could easily have gone much worse for Michelle, when they clocked Will’s dodgy cooking skills.

The unhinged stalker, played by Leon Ockenden, took a quiche from the fridge and placed it directly in his microwave, still in its tin foil.

Microwaves and foil are a definite no-no (Credit: ITV)

In case you don’t know, tin foil and microwaves are not good bedfellows. In fact, it’s very likely it would explode and set fire to Will’s lovely house.

Fans took to Twitter to point out the dangerous gaffe.

One said: “How did he just put that quiche in the microwave wave in its tin??? When I did that I nearly get fire to my flat [sic]”

Another added: “Dear @itvcorrie I hope that was the oven beeping cos foil in a microwave would go bang, it would have singed Will’s specs #Corrie”

And yet another tweeted: “”#Corrie you can’t reheat a quiche in tin foil using a microwave”

Definitely don’t try this at home.

TV fans have been having a blast spotting kitchen-based mistakes in prime time shows.

Things could have been much worse for Michelle (Credit: ITV)

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