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Corrie viewers outraged at David and Shona doing ‘it’ on Roy’s Rolls’ floor

Oh God, just think of all the bits of fried egg on that floor

While Corrie were probably hoping that viewers were focusing on David and Shona’s, er, romantic storyline last night, it seems they had something else on their mind.

They were busy being grossed out that Shona and David were doing it on the floor of Roy’s Rolls, and probably now having tiny pieces of bacon in places no-one should ever have tiny pieces of bacon.

One posted: “Did David and Shona just do it on Roy’s floor?!”

“… but I could really do without this smell of fried egg on my pants.” (Credit: ITV Twitter)

Another added: “I’m catching up on Corrie in the adverts and I cannot BELIEVE David and Shona [expletive] on the floor of Roy’s Rolls!

A third wheeled out: “David and Shona Roy Rolled around the floor.”

Strong pun game; we approve.

But mostly, they were concerned about what the hell Roy would think about this, with one posting: “A bit unhygienic. I don’t think Roy would be very pleased if he found out David and Shona had just had a romp on his floor.”

It’s a fair point.

David and Shona have had a rough ride after – yeah, this would do it – starting a relationship when Shona’s son had killed David’s wife.

Last night’s scenes saw them finally giving into their feelings for one another – and being handily placed for a coffee and a tea cake afterwards.

Worse date spot than a Nando’s tbh (Credit: ITV)

But it’s not going to be easy for them to make it work as David has told her he doesn’t want her to mention her son’s name in his house. Which is, er, a bit awkward.

“We can’t just pretend he doesn’t exist,” replied a baffled Shona.

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But David said that’s the only way he could deal with things (no-one mention the fact that this storyline is CLEARLY heading for Clayton being released on appeal).

“I don’t want his name mentioned in my house or in front of my kids. It’s just the way it’s got to be.”

Still gutted (Credit: ITV)

Clayton killed Kylie when he stabbed her after she had rushed in to help her mate Gemma out. She died in David’s arms, just as they’d been about to start a new life in Barbados (because that’s the rule when you plan to start a new life somewhere exotic in soap: you die) and everyone (us) was completely heartbroken.

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But seriously – who’s going to be thinking about Shona and David doing it every time someone sits down to a full English in Roy’s now? *Insert sausage gags here*

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